3 subscription service startups that will make your life more enjoyable

By Sam Brake Guia September 28, 2017

Chances are you already have a few services which you subscribe to. Some we loyally use all the time like a subscription to Netflix to satisfy our need to binge-watch TV, and some almost never sees the benefit of an impulsive one year January gym membership subscription.

Though we might find ourselves subscribing to traditional services, modern technology and startups have provided a wide range of subscription options which presents a whole host of different interests, hobbies and treats. In this article, we will look at three different subscription companies, which will make your life a little more enjoyable.


For all you wine lovers out there, this service is definitely going to be of interest. Winc is a LA-based wine delivery service that brings the finest bottles to your front door for half the price of store-bought wine. Moreover, the selections provided are tailor-made for your taste, opposed to receiving a random crate of wine on a monthly basis, not that that sounds like a bad thing! Winc evaluates your preferences and produces the perfect collection to treat your pallet. If you already know what you’re after then you can also browse the companies extensive collection of wines to suit your taste.

Pantry Perks

This Californian startup is changing the way customers shop while rewarding them in the process. The online shop provides customers with a large selection of health and delicious products which vary from sport and fitness to household essentials. They cater for those with dietary requirement with Gluten free, Non-GMO and even Kosher. Additionally, they also provide a number of products for more socially conscious customer with products that are Fairtrade, 95% Organic and 100% organic. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of this service is its reward scheme which gives you money back every time you, your friends or even your friend’s friends make a purchase.

Trunk Club

For anyone that wants a little more style in their life, this service could just what you are after. Proudly displaying the line “What if you knew that everything in your closet looked great on you? That’s our mission—to help you build your best wardrobe.” the innovative company aims to help you make the best and most informed choices when selecting your garments. A team assembles every box based on what a customer describes as their style and what they are interested in trying. This is done through a simple sign-up survey when the customer first begins. Then they browse through a number of designer clothes offerings before sending you a home-delivered package of goodies for you to try. Finally, you pay for what you like and anything you don’t you can easily send back, simple!