AppToolkit: All the tools to trick out your app

By Nicolas Waddell September 11, 2017
app tool kit

So you’ve made an app. It’s your pride and joy and does everything you’ve ever wanted an app to do. But no one’s downloading it. What’s worse, yet another [insert popular app ripoff here] has just hit the top ten. It’s not fair!

Perhaps, the problem is not necessarily the app, but the way it is marketed. Perhaps despite it looking amazing to you, others aren’t so sure. And as much as life shouldn’t be all about appearances, more often than not, that’s exactly what life is all about.

But AppToolkit is here to help. Previously known as LaunchKit, but relaunched under a new name after it was purchased by Google earlier in the year, AppToolkit has all the tools you need to get your app looking good in stores, and online!

Heidi Komlofske
President & CEO at 1776 Productions

Founded by Ross Rojek and Heidi Komlofske, two people with more-than-stellar experience in the app marketing game, AppToolkit puts you in safe hands. Ross has launched more than 150 apps, whilst Heidi has twenty-five years of print and digital design experience. If there were ever two people I’d want helping my app reach as many customers as possible, it’s these two.

AppToolkit helps you take screenshots of your app to put on the Google Play and App Store to make any potential customers think ‘Oh man! This looks cool!’ and hit that download button. In the incredibly unlikely event of them not having a phone, there is also a Website Builder which makes it quick and easy for any app developer to create and host a fully responsive website for their app.

Some of the other features include a Review Monitor which is linked to app stores so you can keep track of all the reviews you’re getting. So if the reception is good or… not so good, you can stay on top of any suggestions, or just give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

Ross Rojek Chief Technology officer at 1776 Productions

The Super User Dashboard gives developers visibility into the users who open and use their app the most. This includes how many times they open it, how long they spend on the app, and how many consecutive days the app is opened by each user.

Finally, AppToolkit has Cloud Configuration that lets you effortlessly control your app’s code from the cloud. Whilst the idea of cloud storage isn’t yet completely trusted, the convenience factor is inarguably a plus. Especially for those times you find yourself out of the office and the handy Review Monitor lets you know version 5.8 is just a little bit buggy, with Cloud Config, you can make any necessary changes right there and then, as soon as you receive the notification.

So, when it comes to making your app the most amazing app it can be, as well as making sure to keep up the quality expected by your customers, AppToolkit has all the tools to help you achieve this.