This app wants to improve local business profitability

By Editor March 14, 2016

While the Google Play and App Store is crowded with several apps that want to save consumers money, a new App called Salereporter has debuted in Google Play. Rather than an app beneficial for consumers only, Salereporter intends to create a win-win situation for both the businesses and the consumers.

A review of the website shows that the main idea behind the app is to help the local struggling businesses. The website is discouraging businesses from issuing coupons arguing that coupons hurt the operating margins of the local and small businesses.

The App notifies people in the area of a deal that a nearby business is offering. The deal is tailored to local businesses when the businesses are experiencing slow times. The startup is trying to create a balance between the consumers and the local businesses. “We notify of deals offered by the local businesses instantly. You get the best deal and you also support your local businesses. Isn’t that awesome?”, the blog post reads. The startup lets a business boost sales when needed according to the supply and demand. For example, if a bar has very few people, it can publish a special offer that would be timed for a maximum of three hours. This attracts locals to come and get the sweet offer. Similarly, those empty tables during slow hours are filled with customers thereby improving the revenue statement and also maintaining a healthy profit margin.

The App founder Riti Patel wrote in a blog post “Customers and businesses are seriously disconnected. We are passionate individuals dedicated to fill this gap of demand and supply.” She says that the local businesses need an effective way to engage with the locals and Salereporter intends to be their partner.

Salereporter is currently testing the app in Washington DC and Houston area by partnering with restaurants. The company plan to release an iOS App by mid-April.