Connect: Europe Winner ProsFit—A Startup That Innovates For An Important Social Cause

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team August 24, 2022

The largest minority group worldwide is the 1.3 billion people who live with some form of disability—representing 17% of the global population. Despite this, time and time again people with disabilities are not accounted for in certain societal freedoms that more mobile people enjoy.

The Valuable 500 is a cohort of 500 companies that are publicly committed to putting disability on the business leadership agenda. The Valuable 500 Founder, Caroline Casey, summed up this disparity for those with disabilities in the quote: “There is a global disability inequality crisis. And it can’t be fixed by governments and charities alone. It needs the most powerful force on the planet: business.”

At company Publicize’s latest pitch competition, Connect: Europe, ProsFit, a company that is leveraging both knowledge and technology to enable confident mobility for those with disabilities, brought home the win. Let’s take a closer look at the company, and how it has helped to put efforts toward including the demographic of those with disabilities on the global business agenda.

Enabling Confident Mobility

Connect is a pitch competition that brings together leading media members and entrepreneurs from the world’s most innovative startups. Their latest event was focused on startups based in Europe, and winner Prosfit hails from Bulgaria. 

Brothers and Co-Founders of Prosfit

Led by father and son duo, Alan Hutchison, CEO, and Christopher Hutchison, CTO, this company looks to build a world where innovation provides limb wearers a choice of affordable, reliable, and desirable prosthetic products and services. Its main mission is to play an integral part in enabling confident mobility, timely rehabilitation, community inclusion, and social integration for those with disabilities.

Through their method of smart deployment and crucial innovation, they help to construct transparent health economics and attract new talent into the prosthetic industry. This method includes supporting clinic owners to radically improve productivity and user outcomes via the company’s proprietary cloud-based cross-platform. 

By utilizing a modular software solution to design and order custom-fit lower-limb prosthetic sockets ProsFit helps to transform prosthetic service delivery and enables it to be scaled to a global level. Their platform also makes it easy to train and re-skill prosthetists by providing the decentralization of the prosthetic fitting process—which to date has been a huge roadblock in providing mobility to prosthetics users. 

All of this is then propagated through the company’s scalable business model, sized to fit 20M amputees globally. By offering regulated products, proof of benefits, and strong business cases to active lower-limb prosthetic users through their network of branded clinics—ProsFit facilitates the expansion of clinical care and operations for the disabled demographic. 

Building a More Mobile Tomorrow

The ProsFit team is driven by a motivation to build pathways to which society can accommodate the increasing number of amputees, while also dramatically improving this population’s experience. 

Pitching their company‘s concept alongside other rising entrepreneurs to a panel of noteworthy media, ProsFit was able to raise awareness on a social cause that needs more attention while also showcasing that they themselves are a promising startup to watch.

2022 has proven to be a year of innovation leagues beyond yesteryear, and all people should be included as we move forward in the capacity to do things we have never been able to before—something this trailblazing company looks to ensure.