Customize each cup with Java Mark

By Editor April 6, 2016

Handheld product places customizable stencils on specialty coffee, making a statement every time

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Coffee is your favourite morning ritual and nothing makes you smile like latte art from the talented, neighbourhood barista. You attempt – and fail – to replicate the design at home. Sound familiar? Meet Java Mark – the first automatic coffee art machine that uses stencils to quickly and automatically customize each cup. Inspired by the blank canvas on your coffee’s milk foam, it promises to bring an element of excitement and surprise to your morning in a functional and affordable device. Java Mark is launching its Indiegogo campaign on April 5, a first chance for customers to pre-order this exciting product at a discount.

“Twenty one years ago, I was traveling in Ireland with my family when my mother ordered an Irish coffee,” says Joanna Redfern, Inventor of Java Mark. “I loved the small shamrock in cocoa powder on the whipped cream – it gave the beverage a heart-warming and personalized touch. The idea has been ‘brewing’ until I took the leap to create Java Mark.”

Designed with ease and quality in mind

Java Mark is designed to put an image, logo, affirmation or anything you can imagine on the milk foam or whipped cream of a specialty coffee or hot beverage. When the machine is rested on the cup and the trigger is depressed, the powder will fall through the stencil and onto the foam – customizing each cup. Java Mark quickly applies just the right amount of powder with no excess and no spillage for the perfect design – every time!

The best part? Our customers can upload any design or image to the Java Mark website and their custom stencil will be sent directly to their mailbox.

From B2B to B2C

Java Mark is perfect for the coffee consumer and business owner alike. We suggest offering your client a latte with your logo while they wait. Or, why not wish your customers to “have a great day!” The possibilities to create a memorable experience are endless.

Our Indiegogo campaign will offer an exclusive opportunity to pre-order Java Mark and obtain three starter stencils, free of charge.

ABOUT JMR Creatives Inc.
Founded in 2014, JMR Creatives Inc. is an innovative coffee tech company based in Surrey, BC. Our team has created the first automatic coffee stencilling device, allowing coffee lovers and businesses to customize each cup quickly and easily. For more information, please visit or @Javamarked.