Cybersecurity veteran urges businesses to take cyber threats more seriously this Memorial Day

By Editor May 25, 2015

SimpleWan firewall monitoring solution protects your business from the next cyber attack; Critical for maintaining security and compliance with release of PCI 3.0

Veterans of the IT security field believe 2015 will be the year information security changes forever. Cyber threats are so prevalent that the U.S. government created a new agency to monitor cybersecurity threats, pooling and analyzing data on a spectrum of risks. However, proactive businesses are turning to an intrusion defense system that incorporates cloud management, vMPLS, HIPAA & PCI compliance tools along with troubleshooting and a number of other high-end features at a low cost to protect their data. This new solution called SimpleWan has been able to stop threats in real-time.

“What we have created is a modern day equivalent of your security monitoring service for your home or office alarm system,” said Erik Knight, CEO and president SimpleWan. “If your business were to make a rule set or do a security measure that puts them out of PCI (compliance or HIPAA compliance), we will alert you. This is extremely critical with the advent of PCI 3.0.”

Knight stresses proactive action when it comes to companies helping prevent data breaches. The recent Sony data breach is a prime example of how one company can avoid the headache of having their information spread to the public domain as was the case with Wikileaks. Knight cautions businesses to take data breaches much more seriously. “The Wikileaks Sony database is a perfect example of what can happen once this information is in the ‘wild’. It seems hard to believe that a country would form an alliance with this group, however, there were likely hundreds of copies of this data out there. The goal by the perpetrators is to further damage Sony’s reputation, and increase the financial damages ten-fold. Even if the Wikileaks database is taken down there will still be a number of sources to get access to this data. Once this data is out there it’s impossible to ‘un-ring’ that bell. This is why we need to stress prevention over any other kind of action. Hopefully, this will be the start of all corporations taking data security much more seriously.”

“The average time it takes for an organization to realize it’s been breached is six months and the intrusion can do tremendous damage during the time it goes unnoticed. In other words, by the time companies recognize that they might have a problem, it’s likely too late already. Instead, these businesses should consider regular audits from security experts.”

SimpleWan works with service providers, enabling them to offer its firewall solutions as an add-on service that they may easily manage and monitor. Many of the automated tools automatically mange QOS and provide traffic quality of service.

Other features and technologies:

Carrier Neutral Fully Meshed MPLS (vMPLS)
3g/4g Network Failover
VoIP prioritization and diagnostic tools
Content Filtering
Cloud Firewall/Centralized Management
PCI & HIPPA Scanning & Compliance

About SimpleWan

SimpleWan, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a hosted firewall service that provides a real-time intrusion defense system as well as cloud management, vMPLS, HIPAA & PCI compliance tools, along with troubleshooting and a number of other high-end features at a low cost. For more information, visit