Databox launches Early Access program for growth marketers

By Editor November 17, 2015


Boston, MA — Boston-based Databox has announced that it will give marketers early access to its mobile app and platform for free.

Databox helps marketers pay attention to what matters by keeping an eye on their most important metrics and notifying them when important things change. For example, marketers can use Databox to see when a website or email campaign goes down; a deal closes; or conversion rates spike.

The app works by connecting to popular cloud-based marketing automation, analytics and sales apps. After connecting their data sources, marketers can set custom alerts around their KPIs. When an alert is triggered Databox’s mobile app immediately notifies users. In the app, Databox makes the underlying data available in the form of easy-to-consume visualizations so that marketers can get the context they want immediately.

“Databox takes a ‘less is more’ approach by pointing out anomalies and trends in existing metrics instead of generating new data or simply providing a set of mobile dashboards,” says Databox CEO Swami Kumaresan. “We pull your existing metrics together into a single view, but most importantly, we’ll proactively let you know when something really needs your attention. And when something comes up, all the context you need around your most important KPIs is right there on your phone.”

No development work is required to get started with Databox. Marketers can connect the app to sources like Hubspot, MixPanel, Google Analytics, Salesforce and more in a few simple steps.

“Databox isn’t another business intelligence platform that needs teams of developers and analysts to set up and operate,” Kumaresan explains. “We intentionally designed the experience for marketers at high growth companies who don’t have the time or resources for complicated implementations. When I show people that it really only takes a couple minutes to get started with Databox, it’s a real surprise.”

Databox recently raised $3.3 million in seed funding from Founder Collective, Accomplice and other investors.

The company is accepting marketers into its early access program on a first come, first served basis at

About Databox
Databox makes it easy for marketers and managers to pay attention to important metrics, right when they matter most. Users can track their KPIs by hooking up to popular services like Adobe Analytics, Hubspot, Google Analytics and more, with just a few clicks. Customizable alerts and proactive notifications delivered via a mobile app ensure marketers and managers can act on important data points quickly. Databox is a TechStars alum with offices in North America and Europe.