Ensuring musicians thrive: GigCave reaches milestones of 10,000 EPKs and 35,000 artists

By Editor April 14, 2016

GigCave Offers Free Dynamic EPK Creation and Hosting, Along With a Groundbreaking Mentoring Program

NEW YORK, NY – GigCave today announced that after just over one year, its free, cloud-based platform that enables musicians to create, manage, and host electronic press kits (EPKs) is now being used by 35,000 artists.

The appeal of GigCave is threefold:

– GigCave provides an easily accessible, central location for EPKs where music industry gatekeepers can easily see, hear, and learn more about a band or musician.

– GigCave gives musicians the power to control their brands, manage their careers, present their best image to potential hirers, and get paid for what they love to do — play music.

– As part of its premium membership, GigCave provides a mentorship program that allows musicians to communicate one-on-one with leading industry professionals who can provide advice ranging from songwriting tips to improving live performances.

The platform has filled an important niche and resonates with musicians. According to GigCave CEO and creator Anthony Tedesco, “We created GigCave because we knew that musicians needed a way to better control their careers and find their audiences.”

He added, “While we initially set up GigCave as an American platform, we’ve been buoyed by the fact that musicians from countries as far away as Germany, China, and Brazil are discovering the benefits of using GigCave.”

He added that GigCave now hosts approximately 10,000 EPKs. Having a well-designed, informative EPK is important for every musician, allowing artists to tell their stories and create connections in the industry.

One artist who has embraced the GigCave platform is musician Brandon Jeffries, who goes by the stage name of ICE. Jeffries is a musician who believes in the soul of music and does not want the business aspects to take too much time away from his art. Jeffries, an early user of GigCave, has had his EPK there since April of 2015 and attributes some of his increased reach this year to the platform.

Jeffries said, “I’ve always set out to have my music speak for itself. GigCave helps me expand my audience and enables me to better control the performances we schedule.”

GigCave, accessible online at www.gigcave.com, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform where musicians can manage their EPKs and tap into a mentoring program that allows them one-on-one access to knowledgeable industry professionals.

Free to all users is GigCave’s EPK-creating tools, which allow musicians to easily create attention-grabbing materials to convey their stories, images, attitudes and sounds. GigCave enables musicians to combine photos, bios, music and video clips into a complete package, presenting a professional image to managers, club owners, agents, music critics, and festival organizers.

GigCave’s innovative mentoring program is one of the premium features that sets it apart. This program allows musicians to tap into a network of industry pros for help with a wide range of issues, such as songwriting tips, ways of improving live performances, and getting the most out of studio recording sessions. GigCave has Grammy Award-winning musicians, accomplished writers, and classical powerhouses available to provide guidance to program participants.

GigCave is designed for all artists. According to Tedesco, “We’re seeing a large array of different genres on GigCave, which is what we set out to do. We created GigCave.com to benefit any and every musician. No matter what genre you consider yourself, what size and type of venue you play at, how far along you are in your career, GigCave.com can help you further your career and succeed in the music industry. We built GigCave to be as helpful as possible to artists of all kinds. We hope that artists of all sorts will take advantage of the opportunity to create their free press kits and get invaluable advice from our mentors.”

For more information about GigCave, visit www.GigCave.com.

GigCave has created a unique way for musicians to take control of and advance their careers. First, GigCave has created a web-based, easy-to-use, centralized environment for them to create press kits in a format that is readily accessible to agents and managers to review. Secondly, GigCave’s mentoring program allows musicians unprecedented one-on-one access to industry professionals. www.GigCave.com.