Evercar expands environmentally-friendly fleet in Los Angeles, creates hundreds of local jobs

By Editor June 8, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CALIF.Evercar, a service that provides vehicles and support for on-demand drivers (Uber, Lyft, Postmates), placed its one hundredth environmentally-friendly vehicle in Los Angeles today. The move reflects the rapid growth of the rideshare and delivery industry in Los Angeles, as well as strong demand from local workers seeking well-paying paying part-time jobs in the on-demand economy.

“I don’t know what I, nor many others, would do without Evercar,” said Robben Sprague, an Evercar driver. “It affords many of us an opportunity to have a second income in a city where living doesn’t come easy or cheaply!”

Since its first car was placed in Los Angeles less than a year ago, Evercar has been widely accepted by drivers and used throughout Los Angeles:

188,000 miles have been driven in Evercar vehicles;
125,000 rideshare passengers have ridden in an Evercar vehicle;
44,000 hours of vehicle drive-time have been logged by Evercar drivers;
8,500 charging events have taken place in Evercar’s electric vehicles;
4,500 Los Angeles residents have registered to become Evercar drivers;
13 locations in Los Angeles County now have Evercar lots (Crenshaw; Downtown (2 locations); Glendale; Hawthorne; Hollywood (2 locations); Inglewood; Marina del Rey; Redondo Beach; Santa Monica (2 locations); Van Nuys
7 on-demand car service companies are working with Evercar drivers (Uber, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, Instacart, Caviar, Deliv)

“Demand for Evercar’s unique service is incredibly strong, with hundreds of drivers in Los Angeles applying to join our community every week,” said Michael Brylawski, Evercar’s CEO. “As an added benefit, our environmentally-friendly Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius vehicles are taking some of the gas-guzzling, smog-spewing cars off the roadways of Los Angeles, which also helps local air quality.”

For a flat hourly rate, Evercar’s drivers get access to a pool of well-maintained electrified vehicles, tools, training and support. The fee covers all operating costs, including unlimited mileage, fuel, maintenance, insurance and cleaning.

Bringing On-Demand Jobs to Underserved Neighborhoods and Beyond

Evercar’s 100th vehicle will be located at its Hawthorne location. This placement is a reflection of the company’s commitment to bringing its services – and on-demand jobs – to underserved communities. Evercar’s pricing and service terms make it accessible to all drivers, especially those in underserved communities who may not otherwise qualify for similar shared vehicle programs, or be able to obtain a loan or lease to use their own vehicle.

“It’s become really clear that many people in Hawthorne, and communities throughout Los Angeles, are eager to earn money driving in the on-demand economy,” said Brylawski. “Unfortunately, the inability to access a vehicle that qualifies has prevented them from doing so. That’s where Evercar comes in. Not only do we connect drivers with safe, affordable vehicles, but we also offer guidance to help them earn more. It’s a level of support they won’t find with traditional vehicle options.”

About Evercar
Evercar is a service that empowers drivers to maximize their earnings in the exciting on-demand economy. For an affordable flat rate, which includes unlimited miles, fuel, maintenance, and insurance, Evercar’s community of drivers get access to a pool of environmentally-friendly vehicles, as well as the tools, training, and analytics they need to maximize their profitability with rideshare and delivery services. Evercar is headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional offices in San Francisco and Indianapolis. The executive team together brings decades of EV, electric utility and on-demand experience to the company’s operations and client work. The company is backed by Vision Ridge Partners, a sustainability-oriented investment firm based in Boulder, Colorado, that seeks to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future. Learn more at www.myevercar.com.