Fast-paced accelerator in Italy accepting startups for 5-month programme in Milan

By Sam Brake Guia July 31, 2017
italy accelerator

When you think about class and fine living, Italy is definitely on the map. Exquisite food, expensive clothes and fast cars, Italy is the perfect backdrop for an individual with well educated class and debonair style.

It is also home to one of Europe’s largest business accelerators, LUISS ENLABS. The organisation was created in 2013 through a joint venture between LVenture Group, a listed company that invests in digital startups, and LUISS, one of the most important Italian private universities.

This year, the accelerator will be hosting the Laudato Si’ Challenge – the accelerator inspired by the principles of the encyclical Laudato Si’ by Pope Francis.

The initiative was announced May 5 at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican, and calls to action all startup companies — across all continents and faiths — who have solutions that can mitigate climate change.

LUISS ENLABS has a remarkable track record with up and coming businesses, containing a profile of 45+ startups. The company has an impressive success rate for startups with 90% closing rounds of fundraising involving third party investors within a few months following graduation.

Last year the Accelerator announced its entry into the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), a worldwide community which contains a some of the best accelerators. After just three years, LUISS ENLABS has produced incredible results. Not to mention their invitation to join an exclusive international network, a rarity in the Italian landscape.

Every year, LUISS ENLABS launches a 5 month programme, in the buzzing city of Rome, following startups on a daily basis while providing technical development, communication, marketing, design, finance, business development and investor networking. Additionally, the accelerator has now launched a vertical call-to-call solution, specifically for startups with a focus on the LIFESTYLE chain. This can be anything from automotive, design, fashion, food, wellness and luxury.

The programme is completely in English and the next opening of LUISS ENLABS will be in Milan, the home of excellent design, fashion and a symbol of the finest lifestyles worldwide.  

The project will be hosting an international roadshow to promote this opportunity, and will cover the main incubators and centers of innovation throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

rome accelerator

Augusto Coppola, Director at LVenture Group

“We are ready to welcome international startups and, to attract the best, we have decided to focus on Lifestyle, of which Italy is the undisputed leader worldwide,” says Augusto Coppola, Managing Director of LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Programs.

“Our new headquarters will be inaugurated in the coming months in the center of Milan, the perfect location for a whole Lifestyle journey.”

This is a golden opportunity to accelerate any business plan with a lifestyle focus and obtain the help and support of industry professionals.