Featured Pitch: Next generation social networking with Eegoes

By Editor January 25, 2011

Eegoes logo 

Company: Eegoes

Website: www.eegoes.com

Headquarters: Boston and Vevey, Switzerland

Year Founded: 2010

Founders: Guillaume Molter and Al Zane

Investors: Self-funded (currently preparing round A funding)

Employees: 6

Company Description: Connect like-minded people worldwide and provide organized relevant information based on its users’ interests.

Guillaume Molter, EegoesBy Guillaume Molter, CEO and Co-Founder

Product Overview

We built eegoes to be a leading new generation social networking site. The goal of eegoes is to provide a user-friendly and relevant platform for engaging social interaction. We deliver what matters most to users, which is relevant, geo-located and organized content based on their interests. What we want to do is to offer a tool that will help you to deal with all of your online identities, will simplify your online life and will help you stop wasting your time.

At the same time eegoes also aims to be:

-a “stand alone” social network (like Twitter or Digg) where people can connect with others and share some links, pictures, videos and events in the easiest way possible.

-a social media client (like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck) allowing our users to access and filter content from their other online identities and share some content on them (this feature is in development).

-a content portal (like YouTube or Flickr) where people can search and browse random content shared by strangers which has been automatically (semantically) organized around categorized “Networks” which are themed into categories like Travel, Sports, Music and more.

These three aspects of the product make it a unique actor in the market.

The user experience is also very important to us. One of the recurrent criticisms about a lot of social networking tools is their complexity. Apple recently demonstrated that a great user interface could allow the “average man” to use very “geeky” tools. We are trying to focus each step of the development of eegoes on the user experience. In other words, make everything as easy and obvious as possible. Finding a good mix between complexity and usability is a great challenge! Sometimes it can be difficult attempting to be innovative while keeping things simple and user friendly. We are very lucky to have an extremely smart user base that provides us with great feedback on what we are doing. I truly believe we are on the right path!

Founders’ Story

I’m a BSC graduate in Software Development and I also hold a master’s degree in management and information technology. After several internships at various top web agencies I decided to spend a few months in Boston visiting relatives, during which time I did some market research and actively thought about ideas for starting a company. As I thought about the current state of social media, I felt there was a real need for one site that could help people cut through the social networking clutter. There is simply too much to digest, between all of the status updates, different platforms, and sheer amount of data. My idea was to build a tool that would automatically filter and organize the content properly so that users would save some time and never miss important information.

Revenue Model

Eegoes is free to use and explore. The site does not currently earn revenue, but we certainly have a revenue plan in place that currently involves four main methods of cash generation. We are exploring targeted ads which can be very narrowly focused to the right users due to our interests-centered concept and great semantics analytics. Similar to Twitter’s model, we are also looking at promoted content for businesses. Our third potential revenue stream is offering Networks sponsorships to interested companies who want to sponsor one of our broad content categories. Our final current (but certainly not last) revenue stream potential lies with the offering of premium accounts for certain users, embracing the popular “Freemium” model.

Current Needs

To fuel our planned expansion, we are currently preparing our Round A investment funding. We are also actively searching for experienced mobile phone app developers to join the eegoes team.

Eegoes – www.eegoes.com