Featured Startup Pitch: Utilizing deep web search and resume analysis, FindHire’s web-based platform provides an easy, inexpensive way for SMBs to recruit and hire

By Editor November 19, 2012
Michael Dennis, FindHire

FindHire logoCompany: FindHire

Website: www.findhire.com

Founders: Michael Dennis and Ryan Herman

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Year Founded: 2010

Investors: Currently raising Series A

Twitter: @findhire

Facebook: FindHire

Brief Company Description: FindHire provides employers with a web-based platform to manage, post, and syndicate their job postings while also recruiting, screening, and hiring job candidates.

Michael Dennis, FindHireBy Michael Dennis, co-founder

Founders’ Story

Ryan Herman and I have known each other since childhood. Our personalities are very different, and with our trust and opposing interests, we built FindHire. I have been a recruiter for more than seven years and have used a lot of software out there. With my HR industry knowledge, I wanted to make an impact on HR technologies. With so much time-wasting software out there, I realized I needed to fix this broken process and help people enjoy recruiting again. This intrigued Ryan who is a programming guru, and with this notion, we started building the next generation of HR software. Our hope is to alter the way companies hire and make the process fun and easier to manage.

Competitive Differentiators

FindHire creates a unique interaction between the job seeker and employer in a real-time activity feed. Let me list a few important features that differentiate FindHire from other ATS’s (applicant tracking software systems).

Normally, during the hiring process, job applicants don’t have the opportunities to speak with or see hiring managers unless scheduling an interview. With FindHire’s activity stream and social profiles, you can really get to know job candidates and vice versa. FindHire also allows hiring managers to actively close jobs so job seekers aren’t left hanging.

Our resume filtering system is very intelligent. Employers can access more than 40,000 quality job seekers and use deep web search technologies to harvest contacts from other companies’ websites. Using our resume filtering system, we analyze every resume using FindWords and track recurring patterns within the resume to determine relevance to your jobs.

FindHire has its own all-in-one recruitment iPad app, which was released in May. Developing the iPad app simultaneously with FindHire was very difficult. But with the added value of a web-based system and an iPad app, hiring managers and recruiters can continue their hiring process anywhere.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

We are currently shooting promotional videos with client testimonials and clips of myself talking about our product. We are planning on running digital campaigns and buying ad space on relevant industry web sites. Most importantly, we’re open and looking for strategic partnerships with other complimentary products or networks to expand our product.

Business Model

We plan to scale FindHire to accommodate the hiring needs of all startups and small to medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. We want to be the source that companies can rely on to find quality talent while saving them time and money.

We are growing rapidly with more than 40,000 job seekers registered on our site and many top employers taking notice. We’re projecting FindHire’s reach to extend to more than 100,000 people this year. I believe as long as we keep it simple and continue producing a valuable HR resource, we’ll continue to grow.

Current Needs

We are in the process of raising a Series A round of capital. If you’re interested in investing, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Our next step is to hire a rock star sales team and development team so we can successfully continue to expand.

FindHire – www.findhire.com