Featured Startup Pitch: Flic is a ‘Tinder’ for your iPhone’s camera roll

By Editor November 13, 2014

Brandon Evans, FlicBy Brandon Evans, Lifehack Labs/Flic founder and CEO


Flic is Tinder for your camera roll. We make deleting pictures off your iPhone camera roll as easy as swiping left or right for a date on Tinder.


With Flic, you can manage all the photos in your camera roll with ease. Take the time and pain out of deleting duplicate photos and poorly-lit pictures that take up valuable memory storage space on your phone. Open Flic and scroll through your entire camera roll, one picture at a time. Then swipe left to trash a photo and swipe right to keep it—it’s that simple!

As you clean out your camera roll deleting photos, Flic even tells you how much memory space you will save from deleting the selected pics. After going through a month’s worth of photos, you’ll be asked for confirmation to delete all your selected pics, just in case there are a few photos you want to save.

Flic photo manager features:

– Access all photos from your camera roll right from the app

– Free up valuable memory storage space on your phone

– Swipe left to trash a photo or swipe right to keep it

– See how much memory space you save as you delete each picture and clean out your camera roll

– Reminders tell you to clean out old photos each month

With Flic, you don’t have to deal with all the time consuming screen taps that come with cleaning out your camera roll the standard way. Swipe left to trash and right to save, it’s that simple and that easy. Save time and space with Flic and download the app today at getflic.com!

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I founded Flic, and last founded and served as CEO of Crowdtap, the leading social influence marketing platform. I built Crowdtap to an 80-plus-person organization, raising $15 million in VC capital. I recently left Crowdtap to build out Flic and another currently stealth startup I am working on.

Prior to Crowdtap, I built MRY into a leading global social marketing agency which was sold and is now a 600-person agency within Publicis Worldwide. I also started the ‘World’s First Line of High Thread Count Sleepwear,’ called Threadcountzzz, after beginning my career with stints in mobile business strategy at Sapient and brand management at SKYY Spirits. I am a graduate of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin.


Flic has been a huge hit with press, landing 30-plus feature articles within a week of launch, including Time, Fast Company, The Verge, The Next Web, and many more. Flic was also number one on Product Hunt the entire weekend of launch. The buzz and user response has driven much of the app’s success to date, along with social media outreach, highly-targeted advertising on Facebook, and a few select other mobile marketing channels.

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Flic is the first app to make photo deletion from the iPhone camera roll a simple and fun process. With iOS 8, Apple opened up the ability to delete photos from camera roll to developers, and Flic launched right after. While Flic is designed to solve a single, widely experienced problem, it opens the door for a variety of related apps that continue to assist users to most efficiently leverage their camera to meet their needs.


Currently there is no competition. There are other apps that attempt to assist with camera roll management, but Flic leverages a super-simple UI to make reviewing and deleting pictures super-simple and fun.


Flic is a paid app in the App Store, currently priced at $1.99.


Flic’s parent company, Lifehack Labs, is working on other mobile ideas that will make people’s lives easier, and are actively looking for technical and design talent/co-founders for its next business. Inquire at Flic’s website—getflic.com—if you are interested in potentially joining our next project.

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Flic logoHEADQUARTERS: Brooklyn

WEBSITE: www.getflic.com

FOUNDER: Brandon Evans

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


TWITTER: @flicphotos

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/flicphotos

CRUNCHBASE: crunchbase.com/organization/flic