Featured Startup Pitch: FreeFly881 offers a free, smartphone-based global business calling directory

By Editor March 3, 2015

Raymond Kwan, FreeFly881By Raymond Kwan, FreeFly881 co-founder


FreeFly881 is an app that aims to revolutionize the telecom industry. With our Searchable Global Phone Book feature, users can find any company, located in any part of the world, and call them for free.


FreeFly881 is a free app that can be downloaded to any iOS device and Android phones, and can also be applied to VoIP phones. Once downloaded, users will enjoy unlimited and free international voice calling.

With its revolutionary searchable Global Phone Book functionality, it is one-of-a-kind in the telecom industry. In addition to this feature, FreeFly881 allows users to make free calls directly to those within the FreeFly881 community. The app supports iOS, Android and standalone VoIP phone sets.


Edward Zheng and I are the founders of the FreeFly881 app. We have been working together for over 20 years in the IT industry. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to have a thorough understanding of how important it is to follow the industry’s ever-changing trends, which encouraged us to create the FreeFly app.


FreeFly881 looks to act as a solution for businesses of any size. The app developed from an understanding of how difficult it is to reach businesses on both a local and global scale. The app also applies to especially small businesses that want to be discovered and contacted by potential clients/businesses for free.

FreeFly881 phones


The market opportunity is definitely huge, since the telecom industry is booming and will continue to grow in the future. According to eMarketer, there were 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide at the end of 2014.

In addition to this, FreeFly881 is stepping into never-been-touched territory with its Searchable Global Phone Book feature, which makes the market opportunity even larger. The ecommerce industry is growing as well, which is why the app offers clients the ease to search for businesses by using its powerful keyword search function.


FreeFly881 does not require the need to add or invite amongst its users for voice calls, since it is a business service. FreeFly881 also supports standalone VoIP phone sets, whereas its similar counterparts do not offer such capability.

The Searchable Global Phone Book system is by far the highlight of the FreeFly881 app, which is the reason why the app stands out from the crowd. In addition, users can search by inputting keywords, business names, etc.

Also, instead of having the user create a username like other top apps, FreeFly881 simply uses an innovative number system that is user-friendly. Just by placing ‘881’ in front of an already registered mobile business phone number, users are ready to go!


FreeFly881 is completely free, and all calls being made through the app and within the FreeFly881 ecosystem are free. Also, just like Google AdWords’ (SEO) functionality, the Global Phone Book will allow users to have the option to pay for their business to show up at the top of the list when certain keywords are inputted into the search field. Additionally, if businesses want to set up a nice profile for their clients to see, they can purchase various template designs. With its user data increasing, FreeFly881 will then be able to gather valuable data and information for business needs.


Currently, FreeFly881 is looking for investment partners who can provide added value to the company, and provide intellectual insights on how to grow the company. Additionally, FreeFly881 is currently trying to expand its Global Phone Book, which is vital for FreeFly881 to grow its community.

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HEADQUARTERS: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

WEBSITE: www.freefly881.com

FOUNDERS: Raymond Kwan, Edward Zheng

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


TWITTER: @Freefly881

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/FreeFly881/timeline