Featured Startup Pitch: IntelligenceBank offers management apps to help businesses move away from the spreadsheet and onto the cloud

By Editor January 20, 2015

Tessa Court, IntelligenceBankBy Tessa Court, IntelligenceBank co-founder and CEO


IntelligenceBank’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) apps make it easy to run your business processes online. The heart of IntelligenceBank is its highly customizable, flexible, and interoperable platform, which is offered via a range of niche solutions such as digital asset management, board portals, customer insights management, virtual data rooms, and risk and compliance management.


IntelligenceBank offers business applications to help teams manage processes online. Our apps are based on a highly customizable, flexible, and interoperable platform, which can be easily configured into a range of niche solutions such as digital asset management, board portals, customer insights management, virtual data rooms, and sales team enablement.

IntelligenceBank offers three key products—IntelligenceBank Marketing for digital asset management, IntelligenceBank Boards for board portals, and IntelligenceBank GRC for risk and compliance applications.

GRC is the company’s latest solution that facilitates online business process management amongst teams. The new GRC platform provides an easy way for both private and pre-IPO companies to have an instant risk and compliance platform that covers all bases, and can be easily modified to suit any industry and regulatory environment.

Ultimately, IntelligenceBank GRC creates efficiency, accountability, and one-click reporting on the status of each initiative. Every feature of the platform, from the workflow that allows managers to elevate issues and assign tasks, to the stats reporting where users can easily report on any risk and governance programs, gives businesses a higher level of control and organization that facilitates growth.


I have worked in startups since 1999, where I was the head of sales and marketing for Hitwise, a web analytics business, which was eventually sold to Experian in 2008. In 2009, I started IntelligenceBank as the application I always wanted to have, while also running a global sales and marketing organization. Since launching, the use cases for IntelligenceBank have exploded, and now IntelligenceBank has been productized into niche SaaS applications.


IntelligenceBank has three key channels to market—an online store whereby people can download free 14-day trials and purchase online; a reseller partner network whereby consultancies use IntelligenceBank products to complement their projects in brand governance strategy, as well as audit and board consulting.

In addition to selling online and via resellers, we have a strong direct sales and account management effort. Our product roadmap is based on customer feedback and we continually talk to our customers—as well as people who didn’t choose us—to find out how we can do things better.


The market opportunity is huge, as every business with more than ten people need ways to manage business processes. BPM Market Forecasts indicates that markets at $3.4 billion will reach $10 billion by 2020. So in essence, our opportunity significantly grows year-on-year.

For growth, all businesses really need to go beyond a basic shared spreadsheet for an effective management system. Too many companies around the world manage risk and governance projects with these inadequate systems, which is contradictory because managing risk and governance through something as basic as a spreadsheet can be a risk in itself.


We compete in very niche marketplaces: Digital asset management, board portals, and risk and compliance software regardless of the market—our core value proposition is the same: We are the easy way to manage your business process.

Our new GRC platform in particular is set to be at the forefront of internal control and risk management solutions for companies worldwide, serving as a perfect resource for small teams or cross-enterprise groups to share and act on numerous registers in real-time.

Additionally, all of IntelligenceBank’s apps are easy-to-use, are completely customizable from the front-end, and have granular workflow to help companies better manage their files and data. Our clients love the fact that IntelligenceBank software can be configured to mirror their businesses, and not the other way around.


Our model is a cost-per-user per month model, and we also offer professional services.


We are always looking for new customers, but specifically we are currently looking for sales people in the U.S. market.

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