Featured Startup Pitch: Neqtr – A relationship app based on social consciousness and community

By Editor January 6, 2016




Neqtr is a socially conscious relationship app that helps people fall in love, build community and save the world.


Neqtr is a socially conscious relationship app that helps people connect to new friends and new loves via causes and lifestyles, and helps them meet at planned dates like volunteering and yoga. Connecting in these ways are proven to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. We gamify good by offering ‘sexy points,’ where the more good you do, the sexier you become. We’ve partnered up with 40-plus non-profits to aid in planned dates. We’re available in beta in iOS and Android.


The online dating space is oversaturated by surface apps that promote the hookup culture and leave people feeling unfulfilled and hopeless. Each app that comes out only slightly tweaks the algorithm but doesn’t solve the overarching problems: Wasted time and money, hookup model, booze-focused dates, awkward first dates. Neqtr hacks this broken model by doing something completely unique. We connect people via shared passions and values, which speaks volumes about character and provides people date ideas to help them give back to their communities and feel fulfilled. As a primarily female-run startup, we are strongly against harassment and have blocking, flagging, and rating systems in place.



Sonya Davis, founder/CEO: Background in digital marketing and advertising for popular lifestyle brands; filmed a documentary about child slave labor; started women’s movement in the Himalayas; dating coach/blogger; thrown numerous benefit events to raise money and awareness for causes.

Wolfgang Wedemeyer, co-founder/CTO: Twelve-plus years in software development; technical project manager; won international cryptocurrency award.

Amy Fan, co-founder/VP of engineering: Twelve-plus years in software development.

Mariela De La Mora, co-founder/PR and marketing strategy: Twelve-plus years experience in PR and marketing; growthhacker; blogger for Elite Daily.


HEADQUARTERS: San Diego, California

WEBSITE: neqtr.com

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped

TWITTER: @neqtr

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/neqtr

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/neqtr

ANGELLIST: angel.co/neqtr