Featured Startup Pitch: PhotoPanda – Quickly and easily organize camera roll photos

By Editor January 18, 2016


COMPANY: PhotoPanda


Find unwanted photos, declutter camera roll and reclaim space.


PhotoPanda is the photos app for iOS users anywhere that makes it easier than ever before to declutter your camera roll and free up storage space! With a couple of clicks, unwanted photos are identified and grouped into commonly-deleted categories like ‘Dark,’ ‘Blurry,’ ‘Duplicates,’ and etc. so they can be easily deleted in bulk or reviewed individually with fun gestures.

Plus, PhotoPanda runs completely offline, which means your photos stay on your phone and are never backed up on third-party servers. So, when you need to free up space, you can just run the app even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

PhotoPanda also shows you ‘Selfies,’ ‘Screenshots,’ ‘Favorites’ and ‘Nostalgia’ (more categories coming with every release) organized in colorful categories and easy-to-navigate design.

Above all, the app is free and does not have any ads!


I tried all the available apps in the App Store to see if any of them solved this problem, but most either went the backup cloud route (example Google, Flickr, IceCream) or just a different UI than Apple Photos to include a swiping solution, where all the work still needed to be done manually (example Flic, Slidy Pro, Cleen Books, etc.). PhotoPanda not only does the finding of photos that can be deleted for you, but it does it exactly on your phone without needing to backup your photos to a third party server. So it is faster and safer, and if I can add, more beautiful.



I (Manoj Khani), the founder, have a strong background in content search and recommendations, having built MySpace’s first Image Search, People, and Video Recommendation engine. I have a degree in computer engineering and about 14 years of experience working in startups and large tech companies. Once I recognized the problem and conceptualized a better solution, I built a team of top-notch developers and designers, and started working on a prototype. We looked for open source libraries (OpenCV) and wrote code to customize them to AUTOMATICALLY find interesting categories of photos, i.e ‘Duplicates,’ ‘Blurry & Dark,’ ‘Selfies,’ and ‘Screenshots.’

My co-founder Richard Medina, who is also a big iPhone camera user and takes frequent pictures of friends, family, places, and everyday things, experienced the problem first hand. Richard is a USC business graduate and previously co-founded L.A. Distributing Company, building it to revenue of over $10 million annually.



WEBSITE: myphotopanda.com


TWITTER: @myphotopanda

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