Finnish invoicing solution is taking over the European market

By Editor March 25, 2016

The Cooperation between Zervant and Basware eases invoicing for small businesses.

Zervant, a fintech startup that provides 90 000 business users with cloud-based invoicing software, is taking its electronic and paper invoicing service to the whole European market, in cooperation with Basware. Basware is the global leader in providing networked purchase-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and innovative financing services.

The aim of the cooperation is to enable Zervant’s customers to send paper and e-invoices by taking advantage of Basware’s extensive commerce and financing network. In the first phase, this will be made possible for small businesses in Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium.

“Through our cooperation Zervant is able to offer more comprehensive and modern invoicing services and provide a vast e-invoicing network to their business customers. The Basware solution contributes to Zervant’s customers’ rapid and easy switch to e-invoicing. Therefore, the cooperation also strengthens Zervant business on an international level”, says Basware’s Senior Vice President, Network business area, Vesa Tykkyläinen.

“The Basware cooperation has a significant effect on small businesses, as the agreement enables small businesses to easily send e-invoices, as required by the EU directive. Without this type of service, over 80% of European businesses would be left outside of this development. The switch to e-invoices saves up to 25€ per invoice”, Zervant CEO Mattias Hansson adds.

In Finland, the large-scale transition from paper to e-invoices started back in 2012. Now switching from paper to e-invoices is poised to happen all across continental Europe.