By Editor March 13, 2014

Submitted by: Robin Kelman

Investor CRM 2.0 has enhanced new features and capabilities designed to help smart entrepreneurs raise capital

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 12, 2014 – Foundersuite, a comprehensive productivity solution for entrepreneurs, today announced Investor CRM 2.0, an enhanced platform that makes the fundraising process faster, simpler and smarter so that busy entrepreneurs can focus on company growth.  Foundersuite is a SaaS solution uniquely designed to address the multifaceted needs of a startup company – ranging from tracking potential investors and moving them through the pipeline to following competitors, running early stage operations, and managing investor relations – all at a price point that is affordable for any entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurs wear multiple hats and sometimes serve multiple positions simultaneously as they are starting a new business; thus, maximum productivity is key,” said Nathan Beckord, President and CEO.  “We created Investor CRM 2.0 to move entrepreneurs beyond the Excel spreadsheet.  With Investor CRM 2.0, CEOs can collaborate with every employee that has a hand in the funding process in real-time, regardless of location or availability, and they can track the progress of any investor lead instantly.”

The Investor CRM 2.0 module has several key functions including an auto-populate feature that instantly pulls investor information and images from AngelList and a CRM system that helps manage investor outreach, communications, and the overall process of acquiring funding.  Investor CRM 2.0 offers a necessary platform  for startups to organize and cultivate relationships and includes features such as:

  • Multi-user functionality – CEOs can invite their co-founders, team, advisors, attorney, etc. to be members of an account, and they can collaborate on a specific investor target list.
  • Visual Dashboard – Entrepreneurs can pull data on target investors from AngelList and make connections through LinkedIn.  All of the funding progress will be tracked in the “Visual Dashboard” where users will go to monitor the status of each relationship.
  • Tagging and Sorting – Tagging provides users with the ability to add more granular data around each investor, for example:  Role (e.g. VC, angel, banker, and consultant), interest level, lead or follower, etc.  Sorting allows the user to run dynamic screens to better view and analyze their target investor list.
  • Integration with Google Calendar – CRM 2.0 enables users to log upcoming to-dos for each investor and export the items into a Google Calendar.

“The road to building a startup can be incredibly overwhelming, particularly if it’s your first time,” said Nikka Umil, co-founder of Sooligan, Inc.  “When Sooligan was chosen to participate in an inaugural accelerator in Northwest Arkansas, the logistics seemed unmanageable given our current headquarters are in the Bay Area.  Foundersuite has allowed us to seamlessly coordinate the day-to-day investment activity in both locations.  Our investors also really appreciate the ease of communication through the Foundersuite software.”


About Foundersuite

Foundersuite is a SaaS solution uniquely designed to address the multifaceted needs of a startup company – ranging from managing investor targets and moving them through the pipeline, to tracking competitors, running early stage operations, and managing investor relations.  As a comprehensive productivity solution for entrepreneurs Foundersuite offers a suite of services including:  Idea Validation, Investor CRM, Progress Tracker, Media Stalker and Competitive Matrix.

Foundersuite also contains 69 templates for doing “nuts and bolts” work like dividing up equity, building a cap table, recruiting advisors, building a hiring plan, and much more. For more information about Foundersuite visit

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