By Editor March 10, 2014

Submitted by: Tony Corley

Proprietary Web Platform Creates Community for Buying and Selling Medical Practices

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 19, 2014) – In the U.S., there are approximately 40,000 medical and dental practices on the market as well as billions of dollars in medical and dental equipment for sale, but in a consolidating healthcare marketplace void of intuitive and efficient resources, transactions between buyers and sellers are complex and expensive. Nashville-based Healthcare MarketMaker is the first online platform that will match buyers and sellers in mutually beneficial medical and dental practice and equipment transactions. In a critical step in the first phase of development, Healthcare MarketMaker today announces a Letter of Intent with Alliant Capital Advisors, the largest full-service intermediary firm in the mid-south, as a strategic partner.

Just as online technologies have created economies of scale, contained costs and achieved market leverage for buyers and sellers in the real estate market, Healthcare MarketMaker will establish a similar transactional paradigm in the medical and dental industries. “More than a decade ago, only 13% of homebuyers found their homes online while today, that number is close to 90%,” said Tony Corley, founder and president of Healthcare MarketMaker. “By providing real-time, transparent access to possible transaction partners identified based on location, practice, budget, initial valuation and other desired criteria, Healthcare MarketMaker is introducing a new, accelerated process for practice and equipment sales grounded in a proven model.”

Healthcare MarketMaker and Alliant Capital Advisors are formally collaborating to connect the right buyers and sellers through the full-service Healthcare MarketMaker online platform. The primary purpose of the strategic partnership is to service the increased transaction flow caused, in part, by the aging physician demographic and consolidation as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The companies will utilize each other’s complementary strengths in practice brokerage and marketplace technology to achieve appropriate value and provide world class service to all healthcare transaction stakeholders.

“This partnership is an important next step for our companies. With the continued disruption in the healthcare marketplace, collaboration among all transaction vendors should be technology enabled and efficient,” said Corley. “Healthcare MarketMaker provides a unique technology platform offering innovative market access to high quality practice brokers like Alliant Capital Advisories enabling them to differentiate themselves from other practice brokers based on their service and other differentiating criteria.”

The two-year strategic partnership outlined by the Letter of Intent gives Alliant Capital Advisors unlimited use of Healthcare MarketMaker to access those engaged in medical and dental practice and equipment transactions. In exchange, Alliant Capital Advisors will post its healthcare-related brokerage listings on Healthcare MarketMaker.  A success sharing model will be used for transactions originated and closed through the proprietary web-based marketplace.

“Because of the special nature of both buyers and sellers in the healthcare space, a dedicated platform for this industry will potentially shorten the sales cycle by helping buyers better target a practice while helping sellers better position their practice for purchase.  This will ultimately benefit both parties,” said Bill Kendrick, managing partner at Alliant Capital Advisors, LLC. “We are excited to be part of Healthcare MarketMaker and look forward to being a resource for both buyers and sellers in the healthcare and dental industries moving forward.”

Healthcare MarketMaker is being fully developed by local Nashville partners and is projected to go-live in the second quarter of this year.

Healthcare MarketMaker

Healthcare MarketMaker, headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. provides online comprehensive marketplace technologies to healthcare buyers and sellers. Healthcare MarketMaker also offers specific transaction and marketing services for physicians, practice brokers, equipment brokers and other transaction vendors to ensure the best service and efficiency. Healthcare MarketMaker is an early stage company founded in 2013 and is currently in residence at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. For more information on Healthcare MarketMaker, visit

Alliant Capital Advisors, LLC

Alliant Capital Advisors, LLC is the largest full-service intermediary firm in four mid-south states, offering exit strategies to privately held business owners. From Main Street sales and mid-market transactions, to high-level mergers and acquisitions, Alliant employs decades of collective experience in corporate practice and as brokers, and we observe the highest professional standards in our industry. For more information on Alliant Capital Advisors, visit

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