Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce teams up with 1871 to launch joint incubator

By Oliver Griffin August 23, 2016

The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) has teamed up with Chicago based tech-hub 1871 to launch a joint incubator aimed at Hispanic entrepreneurs.

So far unnamed, the incubator will launch in October. It will take a cohort of 12 Hispanic or Latinx-owned technology companies and will provide them with education, training and other resources.

“The IHCC has a long history of helping Hispanic businesses access the tools and resources they need to grow and succeed,” said Omar Duque, IHCC president and CEO.

“Our intention in moving to 1871, Chicago’s epicenter of technology and innovation, was to continue in that vein, create more opportunities to support our existing membership, and design programming specifically for Hispanic companies to flourish in the digital marketplace.”

The joint incubator program will provide access to mentors and tailored content designed specifically around the businesses admitted to the program.

The program will also contribute to IHCC’s ongoing partnership with 1871. The tech hub supports Hispanic entrepreneurs, technology professionals, and students with educational programming, networking opportunities, and other resources.

“We are excited to welcome the first cohort of this joint incubator program to 1871 in the fall,” said Howard A. Tullman, CEO of 1871.

“Through this collaboration, 1871 and IHCC are once again at the forefront of innovative economic development and the continued expansion of a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chicago.

“This program will be a national standard and an example of how the technology ecosystem can provide opportunities for all entrepreneurs.”

Encouraging Hispanic entrepreneurship

The cohort will be directed by Manny Ozaeta, the former membership director of 1871. Ozaeta brings knowledge of 1871, its member companies, and a strong understanding of the Hispanic business community. He has worked for a variety of organizations in Chicago, including Culloton Strategies and the Office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Ozaeta said, “Through this partnership between 1871 and the IHCC, we are giving access to a new generation of business leaders who will change and broaden the entrepreneurial landscape and undoubtedly elevate the overall tech community.

“As a Chicagoan, and as a Latino, I am extremely proud of these efforts, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow our community.”


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