InFlow Inventory helps small businesses survive Black Friday and festive season

By Hannah Lindstadt November 22, 2017

Last year shoppers collectively spent $655.8 billion on purchases during Black Friday and the hectic weeks that followed that make up the increased sales for small businesses across the retail spectrum. But as shoppers stock up for the holidays it’s important small businesses have a more sophisticated way to track inventory than a simple ledger or an excel sheet to fully take advantage of the seasonal boom.

High-quality inventory software shouldn’t be reserved for only the Amazon’s and Walmarts of the world. Small businesses have big organizational needs for their inventory and shouldn’t have to try and manage complex processes from inside archaic excel sheets, simply because they can’t shell out $60,000+ for custom-made inventory software platform.

InFlow Inventory has created an economical solution for those who need a system that will facilitate the control of their inventory. The company recognized there was a lack of inventory software that took into consideration the limited budget most small businesses are operating on, while at the same time offered robust, customizable functionality, and security.

Inflow Inventory helps businesses find the perfect balance for their inventory, so they neither run out of stock and miss out on sales, nor get saddled with too much and get their cash tied up. From one central dashboard managers can manage all orders, products, billing (optimized for multiple currencies), track product movement, assembly, and reordering, all through a platform that can be accessed through the cloud.

Though the platform offers lots of functions, it was designed with the idea that small businesses don’t have the time or manpower to spend constantly training each new employee a complex inventory system. The interface is built to be intuitive and accessible from day one.

The company offers a 30-day free trial and three different pricing options depending on the needs of the business. It is available in 122 countries, and in January last year, they surpassed 1,000,000 downloads.