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By Editor June 11, 2015

Alpheus Lockhart Launches Revolutionary New Website for Documenting Informal Child Support Agreements called

This revolutionary new website called eliminates the confusion that arises out of informal child support agreements between two people. This website is for individuals who are able to communicate about their children’s needs and welfare, without the need to get the courts involved. Even for families that already have a court-ordered child support agreement, this website can be an invaluable tool to document and streamline all issues and support payments between the two parties. The site enables the users to construct their own agreements which mandate the agreement length, monthly payment amount, due date, as well as stipulating what exactly the payment is for. There is a section for any factors that need to be stipulated to ensure a stress-free agreement. The site is feature rich with various tools to help make all aspects of an informal child support agreement easier to manage. These tools include a:

*Customized Informal Agreement Builder

* Parent Visitation Scheduling Calendar

* Family News Bulletin Board

* Payment and Support Tracker

* Incident Log

* Personal Task Planner

* Message Center

* Personal Document and File Storage Center

* Community Social Network.

The purpose of this website is for individuals to be able to make their OWN agreements and adhere to them, therefore helping to keep families out of the court system. This website was founded with the desire and goal to affect people’s lives for the better. Like millions of people in the country who have been affected by the stress of child support’s numerous misunderstandings, there has been a tremendous need for a change. Alpheus Lockhart is well aware of the tragedy and despair that comes with the aftermath of an agreement gone wrong. This will not be the solution for everyone, but Alpheus feels that if he can spare one family the loss and heartache of a tragedy stemming from a child support system related case, he has fulfilled his purpose. Alpheus lost his younger brother due to the strain of the child support system being more than he could bear. That single tragic event became the catalyst for a movement of change and hope. The mindset behind this venture is to help make a difference in people’s lives by making negotiations simple, communication easier, and documentation to protect what matters most to each individual. With this system, there will be the opportunity for people to amicably communicate and make an agreement that both parties can live with. To find out more and to begin a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL, take the first step and visit

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