Introducing Novum Global Strategies Ltd.

By Editor July 16, 2015

London, UKNovum Global Services (Novum GS) is pleased to announce its arrival. The new company will be led by Joan Mill as CEO, who will also in the interim continue in her role as Head of Sales & Marketing for FusionExperience. Joan has also joined the FusionExperience Board in this capacity.

Novum Global Strategies Ltd (Novum GS) has been set up with a specific focus on Intellectual Property portfolio management and introduces its award winning product, NovumIP. This IP Portfolio Management application enables efficiency, commercialisation and a holistic view of a company’s global IP portfolio in a single place. In essence, the ability to transform and grow its IP portfolio by cleverly removing clunky legacy systems and gaining a competitive advantage (whether they have a defensive or offensive IP strategy).

We are very interested in working with companies in the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Bio Life sciences/Tech, Automotive and Pharmaceutical areas.

Joan Mill, CEO, Novum Global Strategies (Novum GS), said: “The time has come for us to sharpen our focus on NovumIP and the enormous benefits that it can provide, as there is simply no other application available to satisfy all of the complex requirements of a sophisticated IP department in a single solution.
IP Portfolio Management has become a key area for many firms and we are confident that Novum GS can help them transform this part of their business. I am therefore very excited to be leading this new subsidiary and to be helping a new generation of companies to extract the greatest value from their IP Portfolio.”