Lightning Pitch: Boomerang – Proofing made perfect for photographers

By Editor April 8, 2015

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COMPANY: Boomerang


Proofing made perfect for professional photographers.


Boomerang is a new way for photographers to share their images with clients. An ultra clean interface, inspiring animations, and easy use functionality get users emotionally engaged and help photographers proof simple and sell more.

We’re not a website. Boomerang is a true web app. Our backend is built to make uploading new galleries the easiest it’s ever been and make managing those galleries even easier. With every control exactly where you would expect it and the ability to turn on passwords or turn off downloads as easy as flipping one switch, Boomerang is solving the proofing problem one photographer at a time.

Photographers everywhere are looking for the perfect way to let clients view their proofs. The answer is not a slideshow or a cart. The answer is a beautifully simple gallery that encourages users to like, interact with and share their favorite photos. Boomerang takes it a few steps further by giving photographers additional insights like notes that clients have left on photos or answers to questions that they have predefined on the backend like: “What packages are you considering?” or “What would you like to see more of next time?”

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Nate is the founder and CEO of Boomerang. He previously owned and operated a successful photography studio in Ohio for eight years before closing his doors in 2013 to move forward with his startup as a Seattle transplant. His dream is to help photographers proof better and sell more.

HEADQUARTERS: Seattle, Washington



TWITTER: @boomerangproof