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By Editor January 23, 2015

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PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Collaborative blogging enhanced by tastemates. eese is a collaborative blogging platform where authors create articles together—enhanced and funded by a crowd of people. The best collaborations on each article are voted for and rise to the top. We want content creators to be able to create more interesting content more easily by collaborating with others in real-time. We provide a better, more intense interaction with the reading audience by enabling the readers to not only comment but also add content to the articles. For readers this provides an environment of highly relevant interactive content. We want to enable our readers to not only be able to read articles relevant to them but also collect and communicate about their topics.

We believe in a fair data economy. Therefore, we want to split a major part of all the revenue we make among our authors and contributors, unlike current social media platforms, where only the platform provider benefits from the published content.

Also, we are a very diverse group of people coming from different fields and backgrounds, but sharing the passion for online journalism, startup culture, and taking eese further.

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HEADQUARTERS: Berlin, Germany



Rene Füchtenkordt – Studied social science and digital media. Rene cares about the look and feel of eese.

Fabian Lurz – Studied economics and computer engineering. His main skill is software development.

Joahn Wallén – Studied journalism and web development. Working as a journalist for eight years, he brings the journalistic perspective to the product development.

David Kreuzer – Studied philosophy and economics. Next step will be his master in management. As a business developer, he can bring the right skills to the table to get the financials right.


TWITTER: @eese_com

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