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By Editor January 16, 2015

etrigg_logoCOMPANY: etrigg

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Discover local events in real-time. Etrigg serves the need of instant event information while on-the-go. Being built as a mobile web app, it can be used from any device in any browser, anytime and anywhere. By this it allows users to get an immediate overview of events like parties, happy hours, concerts, or even courses, conferences, and workshops in any location of the world. Since late 2013, lists events of many larger event platforms and aggregates them into a comfortable listing. Hundreds-of-thousands of events are listed in our database all the time for all regions on the planet.

The focus of etrigg is totally on mobile experience, ultimate speed and simplicity. We tried to solve a problem with the most efficient and user-friendly solution possible, as there’s nobody else out there providing the same as we do.

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HEADQUARTERS: Zurich, Switzerland


FOUNDERS: Patrick Jesinghaus, founder and CEO of etrigg, has been in the roles of an entrepreneur, coder, and musician over the past ten years. He developed and launched the etrigg prototype app on his own within just a few weeks in summer, 2013, during a business trip in South Africa.


TWITTER: @etriggNews

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