Lightning Pitch: GC Gaming

By Editor February 5, 2015

GCGaming logoCOMPANY: GC Gaming

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Download. Play. Win. Our business model is simple—we wanted to create fun and rewarding games for our players, and by sharing our ad revenue, we were able to do so. We were tired of games that made us pay for everything just to get to the next level or acquire upgrades for $1.99—it really does add up. So, we wanted to turn the tables and give back to the players.

Our game Spin N’ Win Slots is very unique in the sense that we are actually offering real rewards for players just to play our game. With our hectic daily lives, it’s easy for stress to occur. So our mission is simple: We want our players to have fun while being rewarded with gift cards where they love to shop every day. The more you play, the more we pay! Players can win cards from $5 up to $2,000 with TangoCard at Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, McDonald’s, Ebay, Fandango and more.

Our major competitors would be the largest mobile gaming companies out there like Zynga and King, etc. But our competitive edge over them is that we are offering a chance for our players to win gift cards at their favorite retailers.

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HEADQUARTERS: Covina, California



Alfredo Garcia – co-founder/COO

Alfredo Garcia, co-CEO and COO of GC Gaming, has always been interested in the relationship between science and technology. A self-admitted gaming fanatic, Alfredo’s ultra-competitive nature started as a kid playing the classics; from Nintendo and Playstation to chess and poker. Alfredo loves the thrill of playing games, beating them, and analyzing how they are made

His natural fascination with puzzles is what drives him to help others and problems which naturally drew him to science. Alfredo graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cal Poly Pomona in 2013, and his ultimate goals are to invent something that will help the betterment of mankind…and gaming!

Thomas Jaramillo – co-founder/CTO

Thomas Jaramillo, co-CEO and CTO of GC Gaming, has always had an interest in computers and technology. At an early age, Thomas understood how technology always continues to push the envelope of creativity and development. Since then, he has been able to learn and adapt to a variety of skills ranging from software implementation, to web development, mobile development, marketing, social media marketing, and video production.

At the age of 17 Thomas founded the company WebNetics Development, in which he developed multiple websites for local businesses, bands and personal sites. He has been involved in various other startups such as, a social media network for musicians, producers and venues. Aside from his impressive computer knowledge, Thomas has also demonstrated exceptional skills in the financial industry by establishing WebNetics Investments, LLC, focusing on investments in the tech industry.


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