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By Editor February 18, 2015

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Say it out loud.


At present user generated text comments and reviews are inherently limited in their level of expressiveness, hampering users’ ability to interact with one another. In addition, many text comments and reviews have a reputation of being disingenuous or inauthentic as the tone can be misinterpreted due to lack of context. As a result, this content doesn’t reach its full potential for websites to drive traffic and maximize user engagement.

To solve this problem, Heyoya created a voice comments and review platform. By adding a human element, voice, to reviews and comments online, Heyoya is allowing e-store and website owners to facilitate real dialogue between users, while offering a heightened user experience which is guaranteed to increase engagement and decrease bounce rates.

At present in order to comment on content or review a product, users are required to spend significant time writing and editing to ensure that their text sets the tone they desire, making sure they use the right amount of emoticons or exclamation marks. With Heyoya, users can record their review or comment with the nuance reserved for face-to-face interactions simply by recording their commenting, entering their name and the post title, and submitting. By requiring users to identify themselves through an email or Facebook login, we also provide an added level of accountability, improving the quality of content.

  1. Voice comments and reviews is revolutionary. We are the only ones with this type of platform!
  2. Our proprietary technology—pending two patents—has the ability to analyze voice and text for various types of data, which is also quite revolutionary!

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Nir Shilo – More than ten years of experience as a web product manager.

HEADQUARTERS: Herzliya, Israel



TWITTER: @Heyoya



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