Lightning Pitch: Judg – Social network halfway between a game and a social network

By Editor July 13, 2015

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Disruptive social network halfway between a game and a social network.


Halfway between a game and a social network, Judg is the first true social game.

We started Judg from a simple observation: the quest of popularity is rising on social networks while it is never encouraged nor rewarded by the network.

There’s no secret that the ultimate goal behind most social network activity is the pursuit of popularity. Starting from there, we wanted to offer the first App that fully embraces this motive and encourages it.

“Gamify your social life.”

Judg revolutionizes the social network experience by creating a world where sharing becomes fun and rewarding simultaneously. The cool part is that in Judg’s world, when your popularity rises so does your avatar. You are able to reach plenty of fun levels.

What’s more? Do you also feel that likes or dislikes don’t fully express your opinion? Judg is a safe zone in which you can finally give your opinion with a score from 1 to 10. No more jibber jabber!

Live since 19th of May:

Features :

• Edit and share photos and videos with friends, followers or the entire world.
• Discover the world’s most famous users or posts.
• Express your opinion by giving a fair score from 1 to 10.
• Raise your popularity and reach plenty of fun levels for your avatar.
• Climb the ranks and become a Judg celebrity or a celebrity amongst your friends.
• Be inspired by leaders sharing the same passions by searching in brand new categories.
• And much more.

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Judg is the result of strong teamwork but also family work. Indeed, all the founders and employees are coming from the same family. What better way to build trust and cohesion within your team?

We are all cousins or brothers. All the work can be done internally and easily.

This team includes all the competencies:

Amaury De Buyser: Co-founder, in charge of marketing, design UX and new features

Maxime D‘Hondt: Co-founder, finance and business

Guillaume Cassiers: CTO

Adrien Duchateau: Art Director

Laurent De Buyser: Business Angel

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HEADQUARTERS: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg