Lightning Pitch: MetaChi – Team task management and collaboration

By Editor March 27, 2015

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Team task management and collaboration.


MetaChi is a place where task management and collaboration meet.

The number one problem cited by distributed teams is task management—the number two problem cited is long threads. Email is an inefficient tool for task management and effective collaboration—that’s why we created MetaChi. MetaChi is the most effective task management tool for distributed teams. MetaChi also offers real-time quantified team and self analytics that helps users, managers and organizations understand how they collaborate with others.

MetaChi evolved from a lack of solutions in the market focused on team task management and the need to increase the efficacy of productivity, at the same time making work more enjoyable. While many solutions focus on project management, resource allocation, and financial planning, we believe there is a distinct difference between planning the project and collaborating with a view to the successful completion of the task—driving results. There is significant evidence to support this assertion:

  • The number one problem cited by distributed teams is task management; the number two problem is long threads (email).
  • We check email hundreds-of-times per day.
  • Forty-two percent of email is ignored (cognitive load).
  • We spend 20 hours-a-week managing email (part-time job).
  • 5 percent loss in productivity due to collaborative challenges—CEOs indicate that 86 percent of failures are due to collaborative challenges.

MetaChi intends to make a serious dent in this problem.

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FOUNDERS: DS Benbow, Kris Young

HEADQUARTERS: Seattle, Washington



TWITTER: @metaChi0


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