Lightning Pitch: Moovly

By Editor February 25, 2015

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Create animated content like a pro.


Moovly is an easy, do-it-yourself platform to easily create professional looking multimedia content, like explanatory videos, multimedia presentations, engaging infographs, video clips, e-cards, and other creative content. Using a combination of images, videos, and sounds (uploaded personally or from Moovly’s extensive libraries of animated objects in different styles), you can easily assemble new content, download it or publish it on a variety of platforms (social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, mobile devices, television screens…). Application areas include advertising, marketing communications, training and education, entertainment, crowd-based co-creation, as well as any other area where powerful video content is needed to bring a message across to a target audience. Using Moovly also significantly increases a company’s or brand’s ROI by making its multimedia content multi-purposable, and easy to edit, update, and translate. Moovly’s platform is secure, scalable, customizable and skinnable in line with brand guidelines.

Moovly is the only online platform that enables the free creative combination of media objects (graphics, sounds, videos) to create whatever kind of end format (animated video, presentation, display ad, infographics). Apart from the standard styles, the Moovly platform and libraries can also be customized to create content that is fully in line with brand style or enterprise graphical guidelines.


Geert Coppens, co-founder. Primarily responsibile for engineering, operations and business development. Previously founder of digital communications agency Instruxion after many years as EMEA Education Manager for Cisco.

Brendon Grunewald, co-founder. Primarily responsible for finance and investor relations. Brendon has many years of experience building and investing in businesses in a variety of sectors with a large international network.

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TWITTER: @moovly