Lightning Pitch: Penny Pledge – Removing annoying ads while still supporting content

By Editor May 8, 2015

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Removing annoying Internet ads while still supporting online content.


Penny Pledge is a platform that enables anyone in the world to donate pennies to online content. Users can donate as much or as little as they’d like to YouTube videos, blogs, music, games, sites like Wikipedia or to anything else on the Internet.

The simple pain Penny Pledge addresses is that creators struggle to get paid. Advertisements are often the only resource creators have to monetize their content yet they are annoying to both the viewers and creators. In addition, ad revenue is not enough to support many creators, leaving them to look for other sources of revenue. This takes their time and focus away from creating great content.

Penny Pledge is the only platform on the Internet that allows users to donate to any content they can find online while also giving its users complete control over how much they choose to give.

The Internet is broken. Why are you watching a 15 second ad for a 10 second video? Penny Pledge was built from a simple question, what if everyone gave just one penny? There is a better way to support online content than by tolerating annoying ads. Penny Pledge allows you to support great content anywhere on web. From your web browser users can donate to any online content. Blogs, YouTube channels, bands on Pandora, Wikipedia, WebMD, anything with a creator behind it. All we ask of content creators is that once they are receiving more pledges than ad revenue, please take down the ads. Let’s all enjoy a better Internet.


David Hepworth and Chase Roberts are childhood friends. In college they began working together. Chase has a degree in Computer Engineering while David is currently studying Neuroscience.

HEADQUARTERS: Salt Lake City, Utah



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