Lightning Pitch: Pindle – Display an engaging social feed on your website or event

By Editor May 15, 2015

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Display an engaging social feed on your website or event.


Pindle is an easy to use web app that allows you to display a social feed on your website or during an event.

Pindle helps brands to:

-Amplify reach
-Engage with their customers
-Turn browsers into buyers

Pindle was born out of its founders’ frustration. During our careers as marketers we were responsible for the success of different types of online businesses (retail, travel, discount sites, etc.).

As with every online marketer, our main tasks were:

-engage with customers

-drive traffic

-build brand awareness

-optimize to get higher conversions

-increase reach

In short, always find more and more people online who would like to buy your products and share our visual content with their friends, so they can become customers as well (sooner or later). Easier said than done.

Competition online is getting tougher every day and we needed some serious support. Something unique. Something that would really catch the attention of our target group. We looked around a lot, tried many different things. We had some success but nothing special, to be honest.

As is the case with any marketer, we had a budget to spend. We bought ads. That did drive the expected traffic but engagement was still pretty low. So, after a lot of trial and error, we decided to create our own solution…and that’s Pindle. The success was so impressive that we decided to open it for every marketer to use.

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Ryan Morrison, has worked in sales and marketing in companies like Euromonitor and Sitrion. Created his first successful online business during his time in colleague. Also co-founded Questionise. He is 32 years old, Chilean, and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Roxanne Klaassen, digital marketing expert. Has worked in startups like WebAppTool, Social Enterprise Times, and Duolir. She is 32 years old, Dutch, and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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