Marketing technology innovator SpearMaven launches in San Francisco

By Editor May 18, 2016

Delivers B2B Marketers Command Over Account-Based Revenue Cycle

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2016SpearMaven, LLC, the account-based revenue marketing company, announced today its launch as an innovation-led provider of account-based marketing and revenue cycle solutions for B2B companies. The company specializes in providing services and software that enhance end-to-end marketing-to-sales integration on CRM platforms such as Salesforce.

“Marketing technology is expanding exponentially, and deployment is becoming more complicated,” says Bruce Grant, Founder and CEO. “B2B marketers face overwhelming choice—and an increasingly complex task to make all the moving parts work together smoothly. Our mission is to help B2B marketers improve marketing and revenue performance through better use of technology, workflows, connectivity and automation.”

SpearMaven’s primary target market is B2B companies using Salesforce in combination with third party marketing automation tools and apps. Working with customers’ existing systems, SpearMaven enhances infrastructure and data to enable stronger account-based marketing and closer connection to the company’s revenue cycle. Marketing-sales alignment is enhanced via a single revenue cycle with unified account-based scoring metrics shared by both groups. Customers are also assisted navigating new marketing technology procurement as part of a holistic marketing strategy.

“When acquiring new marketing technology, the state of core CRM data such as accounts, contacts and leads is often overlooked,” commented Christine Pearsall, Co-founder and COO. “With proper attention to data quality and structural consistency, marketers can maximize ROI on their MarTech investments. Getting this right is fundamental to our account-based marketing approach.”

“Account-based marketing now touches revenue at every stage,” continued Grant. “It has expanded into a broader account-based revenue cycle affecting marketing, sales development, sales, account management and customer success. Knowing how each marketing dollar contributes to pipeline, bookings, revenues and growth is the new imperative. As transparency and accountability for marketing ROI increases, SpearMaven’s goal is to help B2B marketers get ahead of the curve and gain command over the entire account-based revenue cycle.”

Prior to SpearMaven, Ms. Pearsall worked with Silicon Valley and FinTech software firms including Opus Global-Hiperos, Calypso Technology, Fiserv and SunGard. She specializes in rapid deployment of funnel automation and adoption of leading-edge technology business solutions for marketing, sales development and sales.

Prior to SpearMaven, Mr. Grant worked with Silicon Valley and FinTech software firms including Opus Global, Calypso Technology, Infinity Financial Technology and SunGard. He was Founder and CEO of digital marketing agency New Beach Media, and Skuff TV, one of Australia’s leading independent action sports and lifestyle brands. He is a Sloan Fellow of London Business School.

About SpearMaven

SpearMaven helps B2B companies grow faster and smarter through superior account-based marketing and better use of marketing technology. Through improved workflows, connectivity and automation, SpearMaven aligns Marketing more closely with Sales and the revenue cycle. It works with customers’ existing systems and enhances them with software and services to optimize performance and better integrate marketing-to-sales capability. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.