MPOWER financing offers simple, transparent process for alternative lending

By Editor February 12, 2016

February 11, 2016 ― Washington, DCMPOWER Financing announced today that its innovative private student loan program for underserved domestic and international students is powered by Cology, LLC, a leading technology provider for the loan community. In selecting Cology, LLC to support its infrastructure, MPOWER increases transparency to the borrower, offers a seamless process, and simplifies loan origination.

“Students should be focused on their education ― not on how they are going to pay for it,” said Mike Davis, CTO and co-founder, MPOWER Financing. “We made the loan process simple and easy for the borrower so they can get back to what matters: learning.”

MPOWER’s mission is to remove financial barriers to higher education in the U.S. Drawing on support from private and institutional investors, MPOWER enables high-potential domestic and international students complete their education at top-tier U.S. institutions. MPOWER’s financing options are targeted to help driven students complete their degree programs ― regardless of their socio-economic status.

“Over 15 percent of students drop out of college because they simply cannot afford to continue,” said Davis. “Finances should not be a barrier to education. MPOWER removes these barriers and offers an alternative path for students to meet their true potential.”

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About MPOWER Financing
MPOWER removes financial barriers to higher education in the U.S. by working with investors and universities to lend to high-potential students who are left out by traditional banks. In addition to providing students with access to the financial resources necessary to attend and complete college, MPOWER builds students’ credit histories, provides them with personal finance education, and offers gateway financial products to prepare them for life after college. For more information, visit