Myndbee,Inc – maker of selfie collaboration app PicPal – secures $2.5M Seed funding round

By Editor June 12, 2015

PicPal: Collage 101: Who has the best selfie?

Selfies—an act in which the photographer is also the subject of the photograph—are hugely popular in today’s world. Selfie sticks, selfie apps and even selfie songs are taking the world by storm. If you’re on a hike or at the dentist and feel the need to let your associates know, take a selfie!

PicPal combines social media, real-time collages, and the ever important selfie into one App. Want to share what you’re doing right now with a close group of friends? Simply open PicPal, choose the friends you want in that collage and take a selfie. The app simultaneously sends a request to your friends to take a selfie too. PicPal will automatically create a selfie collage of all users and send it to each person’s phone.

Yes, there are already an enormous amount of apps that make collages; but the process is tedious and always after the fact. PicPal has social collage creation built into the app, effectively turning a lengthy process into instant creativity. Picpal isn’t always about the end result – it’s about the immediate moment. Friends who are across the country can meet in an instant through a Picpal photo. Whether they want to see what’s up or simply miss being in pictures together, Picpal lets them do it! All you have to do is invite your friends and watch the Picpal develop into an amazingly spontaneous shared experience.

PicPal is designed so that users can have fun with collages that are both “in the moment” and hassle-free. Want to show your friends what you are doing as well as see what they are doing and create a collage of it? PicPal makes this quick and enjoyable.

– Sign up! Sign in with one simple click using your Facebook account. The app automatically finds your Facebook contacts that are on Picpal.
– Invite! Pick up to 3 (you can add more friends to a Picpal in future releases) Picpal friends to participate in a Picpalselfie collage
– Snap! Take your selfie while your friends take theirs
– Watch! See your selfies transform into a shared experience – a Picpalselfies collage – right before your eyes!

Whether you’re missing your friends or just want to see what’s up, Picpal allows you to connect, create, and share in real time.

– Share! Skim through your gallery to see what Picpals your friends have shared with you.
– Interact! “Heart” or comment on Picpals that you love! OR Upload to Instagram or Facebook straight from the app

Whether you’re wishing someone Happy Birthday, playing a game, or just interacting with your friends, PicPal allows you to be with your friends – even when you’re not.