New startup launches marketplace for buying and selling local marketing

By Editor February 1, 2016

New startup MarketingZoom is the new go-to place for buying and selling local marketing opportunities, perfect for any sized businesses.

February 1, 2016, Portland, OR

New startup MarketingZoom launches its social marketplace platform for connecting buyers and sellers of local marketing and advertising. The company is based in Portland Oregon and is the first online marketplace for the marketing and advertising industry.

In order to thrive, businesses need to advertise. However, many of owners don’t have advertising or marketing backgrounds and therefore don’t really know where to locate advertising opportunities. And up until now, there hasn’t been an online central hub for finding local opportunities to market their businesses.

The team at MarketingZoom analyzed one simple question; If I was a small local business, what options do I have to market my business in my area? It all started from that one simple question. Business owners and marketing teams are constantly searching the internet for creative and affordable ways to market their business on multiple different levels. Being marketers themselves, they knew there wasn’t any quick or easy way to buy or sell marketing or advertising opportunities. MarketingZoom was created with that thought in mind.

The site is organized around three different types of profiles: Companies, Opportunities, and Agencies. The platform is similar to any other marketplace or classifieds and allows users to find their next marketing partner in 10 seconds or less. It has a 3-way communication platform for all 3-profile types to search and filter by multiple options such as by location, pricing, demographics, focus areas, exposures and more. MarketingZoom allows members to display information about their specific opportunity or about their business or agency, share photos, share marketing materials and proposals, and send private messages all to help you find and communicate with that perfect marketing partner.

“MarketingZoom is the next best thing for the entire marketing and advertising industry,” founder Tony Scott said. “It’s a disruptive business model and, frankly, a much-needed tool for business owners and marketing teams of all sizes. Users can communicate together in real-time, search by multiple filter options and find opportunities to market and advertise in their area. It’s also great for sellers of marketing opportunities to connect with buyers and business owners.”

About MarketingZoom:
MarketingZoom is a new online social marketplace for buyers and sellers of marketing and advertising opportunities to connect and communicate together. Members search listings to quickly and easily find marketing and advertising partnerships in their local area. The company is the first online listings marketplace for the marketing and advertising industry.