News & OpEd Submission

Please submit any company announcement/news/press release or op-ed bylined article/blog post here to run on StartUp Beat. A bylined article includes opinion pieces by founders/executives, and does not have to be an original piece.

If you are submitting news, please ensure that it is indeed news, meaning that it is an announcement of some sort that is timely and has a date or time frame attached to it. If you do not have news and you would like to introduce your early-stage startup to StartUp Beat’s audience, you are welcome to submit a Startup Pitch to be featured on the site. You can do so at: http://startup-beat.local/startup-beat-featured-startup-pitch-guidelines.

In order to ensure that we’re able to publish your news or op-ed submission, please complete all the fields below as completely as possible, and please note the specific instructions for your submission. Any major omissions will mean that we cannot publish your submission. We also vet all startups to ensure that they comply with our general guidelines to qualify as early-stage startups:

-No more than four-years-old

-No more than $4 million raised from outside investors

-Must be an independent company, spinoff or incubated entity

StartUp Beat reserves the right to reject any submission without cause. Once your submission is posted, you will receive an email with the link. If it is rejected, you will receive an email letting you know and some possible reasons why. Thank you in advance for your submission!

**Note that any URLs in the text below will be hyperlinked in the posted version.

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