UK’s Nominet trust unlocks over £400,000 investment in ‘tech for good’ to tackle social challenges

By Oliver Griffin September 22, 2016

Teenagers struggling with mental and physical health problems, children living with cystic fibrosis, isolated older people, children in need of prosthetic hands and people with learning disabilities are just some of the groups that stand to benefit from new funding for a range of online and digital innovations being developed by UK tech for good ventures.

Nine social tech enterprises have been selected as the latest recipients of grant funding from Nominet Trust. The funding will enable them to demonstrate the potential of their online and digital products and services to help groups facing specific challenges in accessing much needed support.

The UK’s leading dedicated tech for good funder will assist the ventures in developing their technologies and demonstrating the positive social impact they can achieve by improving people’s lives.

Among the companies receiving funding, Open Bionics uses 3D body scanning and printing technology to create bionic hands that are lightweight, affordable and are designed to help children adjust to limb loss and feel more positive about their differences. The funding from Nominet Trust will help trial the products with 25 amputees, showcasing how this exciting technology can alter perceptions and transform lives.

Similarly Troo Life Coach Ltd. is producing a new app to help teenagers tackle the host of stressful mental and physical challenges they face day-to-day.

The app brings together neuroscience, behavioural economics, psychology and artificial intelligence to offer personalised support through a young person’s smartphone, motivating them to make positive decisions and tackle the issues that are worrying them head-on.

Vicki Hearn, Director of Nominet Trust, said, “The significant interest this round of Social Tech Seed generated clearly demonstrates the vital role that Nominet Trust fulfils in providing early stage grant funding to entrepreneurial organisations in the tech for good sector. We’re really looking forward to working with this cohort to support their growth and the social impact they can deliver.”

There are seven other businesses that will benefit from the funding. They are MIRROR; Ami; Marmo Health; NOW Group; OgenBlik Ltd; Wonky Star and Zephx Ltd.

In total, the nine tech for good ventures have been awarded £420,200 via Nominet Trust’s Social Tech Seed funding programme. Social Tech Seed is an open grant-funding programme that offers entrepreneurial organisations early-stage investment to develop innovative projects, harnessing the power of the internet and digital technologies to deliver significant social change.

The programme supports projects tackling pressing social challenges such as the environment and sustainability, education, employment and healthcare.


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