On-Demand battery replacement service secures $5 million series A round

By Sam Brake Guia November 17, 2017

On the short list of “Situations you find yourself in that make you realize how painfully dependent you are on the volunteered help of others”- trying to find people to help you move, and your trusty car sputtering to a stop on the side of the road, might be tied for first place.

But although the solution to moving may never be solved (Why would I pay a moving company when I just need one strong back to help me lift the other side of my sofa?) one startup has set its sites on saving us all from those vulnerable moments when we find ourselves stranded with car battery failure. By using on-demand, Uber-style services, Batteries911 is a last mile logistics technology company looking to get you back on the road again, fast. No expensive tow-trucks, no hassles.

Their proprietary technology and algorithms have allowed the team to create the first on-demand battery installation service offering the fastest and most economical battery replacement service in the US. Consequently, customers can now purchase a battery online and have it delivered and installed within 45 minutes instead of Amazon’s two-hour delivery window.

Andres Angel

Andres Angel- CEO at Batteries 911

“The battery installation industry has remained the same over the last 60 years, but Batteries911 is set to disrupt an industry that is trapped in the past. Batteries911 is able to dispatch experts to a stranded motorist within 45 minutes of a phone call or online Request,” said Batteries911 CEO Andres Angel. “We then diagnose the cars battery, Alternator, and electrical system for free before replacing the battery right on the spot. The technician’s location is trackable just like Uber, and the delivery and installation service is free.”

He also adds, “If you have ever waited for hours on end, or had to fork out hundreds of dollars to a tow-truck, you may just wish you had known about Batteries911.”

The novelty and simplicity of the company has had investors taking notice and the company recently secured a $5 million series A round, and are now moving onto series B to fuel their expansion throughout the US. With services like Batteries911, drivers can get from A to B with the pease of mind that if they should have a battery problem, they can quickly access roadside assistance, and get back on the road.