Oscar AP, the first true precognitive enterprise analytics, lands in the Azure market place

By Editor July 22, 2015

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Business decisions can now be smarter and more accurate with artificial precognition

LONDON, UK – July 22, 2015Massive Analytic, a start-up specialising in innovative precognitive enterprise analytics, has launched its ground-breaking Oscar AP platform for the Azure market place. The company’s patented artificial precognition (AP) application is now available to enterprises to analyse their data and make decisions with more certainty, having understood the possible outcomes.

Oscar AP’s Azure Marketplace deployment runs on Apache’s Spark, a leading edge big data technology providing both batch and lightning-fast real-time analytics, granting rapid and efficient responses to businesses. The brain behind Massive Analytic’s unique approach to analytics is its ‘artificial precognition’ which acts like a trusted advisor, identifying hidden relationships inside data of any size and discovering the likelihood of success for business decisions.

Artificial precognition can understand both structured and unstructured data, and is designed to accommodate users of all levels and backgrounds. Its interface is completely code-free and provides one-click machine learning for non-technical business users, making big data accessible for all members of an organisation not just data scientists and IT specialists. By automating data science users can bring more value to their skillsets and their role. Data driven decisions are now accessible across an entire business, bringing insights into the decision cycle more quickly.

Keith Brown, managing director of Paythru, a mobile payments pioneer commented “We are excited to be a part of the journey with Massive Analytic and to be using Oscar AP at Paythru. We have specific challenges around delivering real time recommendations and merchant offers to potential customers in malls and physical marketplaces. Oscar AP’s approach to analytics would allow us to target our customers better and quicker and ensure that we push contextual offers to them in real time helping end consumers and merchant partners do business better.”

Oscar AP is available for deployment on a single tenant private cloud for businesses looking for an innovative analytics solution that provides codeless data preparation, precognitive analytics and visualisations. A multi-tenant private cloud offering will be available in Q3. Future deployment options will include an on-premise and a hybrid deployment.

Oscar AP is the first business analytics platform to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) alongside big data access to examine a broader picture of enterprise performance that goes beyond the limitations of internal corporate data. It is designed to remove the dependence on high levels of human expertise to analyse data and provide rapid foresight for business decisions. Users can run machine learning algorithms and advanced statistics using simple point and-click functionality via a browser-based interface. This allows business users to find hidden insights without needing to take time away from data scientists. With its AI-based precognitive analytics just a click away, Oscar AP’s functionality transcends current analytics applications.

George Frangou, Founder and Executive Chairman explained, “Wisdom is not just in one data set, wisdom comes from lots of different datasets and their touchpoints. When you join data together you create seams of knowledge, information and insight to extract. Traditional tools require a lot of expertise, time and effort to do this. Oscar AP automates this data science so any user can join datasets and then extract the key insights in one click. It doesn’t matter if the data is a petabyte with 10,000 variables Oscar AP will analyse it with no coding, no data science background needed. Users can quickly move from data to insight to decision very quickly having the satisfaction of thorough analysis being done”

Oscar AP is built to enhance collaborative working across an organisation. With this initial launch on Azure it is available in two editions, both designed to fulfill the self-service analytics needs of different segments of the business. The Reporter Edition allows access to predefined storydashboards that give users a broad overview of the area of business with full drill-down access to underlying data and more-specific information. The Studio Edition allows business users to build storydashboards, use advanced machine learning in one click and predict outcomes while displaying key information. Coming later will be the Data Scientist Edition aimed at those who want total control to build tailored, optimised, analytical workflows and algorithms for organisational analytic processes.

For more information or to arrange a demo of Oscar AP, please visit: http://www.massiveanalytic.com/