PearlHPS’s PearlPredict predicts business outcomes 12 months out

By Editor July 1, 2016

Silicon Valley, CAPearlHPS, a Software-As-a-Service-based (SaaS) predictive execution analytics provider for businesses, disclosed some of the results that its customers were getting, as well as how its PearlPredict execution analytics offering was answering corporate operational challenges.

Unlike other analytics solutions that focus on sales channels and purely financial analytics, PearlPredict features a battery of algorithms that focuses on company operational performance in areas of new product launches, projects and corporate acquisitions, where meeting quality, financial and timeline schedule goals is critical.

“Most C-level executives know how critical project execution is, and that projects, product launches, corporate acquisitions, turnarounds of under-performing business units and positioning for growth can jeopardize a company when they miss key business outcomes,” said Gene Tange, PearlHPS Founder and CEO.

Industry research supports this. McKinsey & Company reported that in technology projects alone, 45 percent of projects run over budget, 56 percent deliver less business value than expected, and 17 percent go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of a company.

Pearl HPS’s platform gives business managers and C-level executives the ability to assess project, product and acquisition team performance with predictive analytics before these efforts reach a point of no return. This gives management enough time to intervene with corrective action so projects can be put back on course where needed.

“We start with three variables when we perform the operational analytics,” said Tange. “These variables are Team Leadership Capability (TLC), Team Continuity (TC), and Team Goal Load (TGL). The software pulls from both existing data repositories and unique data sources that are a provided by the business that flow through our proprietary analytics and that address key variables that our algorithms and analytics use. The system then presents the data in a user-friendly, visual way that is easy to understand in a prescriptive fashion. The analytics provide insights as to what needs to change in order to meet or exceed business objectives.”

In one organization, the CEO was confronted with a choice to either develop new technology on top of its existing technology base, or to sell the existing technology and exit the business, or to partner with a much bigger organization. “By using PearlPredict, we were able to assess and predict the dynamic risk associated with each option,” said Tom Moore, CEO, SVMI. “I wouldn’t have been able to see the picture that PearlPredict painted in any other way.”

Another company that was launching a new product found that PearlPredict shortened the product’s introductory cycle time by 19.2 percent, enabled the company to get the product to market earlier than planned. This generated $150 million in early release revenues. “The insights and predictive capability made my job much easier to attain critical business goals that the CEO required,” said Frank Kohoutek, SVP Operations at Crossing Automation.

“While most companies use business reviews with milestone or phase gate metrics, there is no tool like Pearl Predict when looking at risk in teams to drive superior outcomes,” added Troy Barring, former GM, Baxter Healthcare.

“It’s the holy grail of analytics,” said Steve Cadigan, former VP Talent at LinkedIn.

PearlHPS’s Tange agrees. “Even with today’s tools, KPI’s (key performance indicators), milestones and PMO (project management office), companies still can’t see the hidden variables that enable predicting business outcomes with great accuracy and that drive high performance, in real time–until now….When you have an opportunity to improve business outcomes by 20 percent and you can do it quickly and without spending a fortune, it opens up a new frontier of business competitive advantage.”

About PearlHPS
PearlHPS Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based cloud-enabled predictive analytics Software-As-a-Service-based (SaaS) company that provides true predictive insights a year in advance to achieve high-performance financial and operational outcomes. It’s proprietary Execution Analytics® platform measures and aggregates critical variables of teams to reveal what needs to be done to improve outcomes of pre-established goals. PearlHPS is self-funded by its founder Gene Tange. For more information, visit