PR startup platform Publicize launches OS version 1.0

By Oliver Griffin December 8, 2016

Publicize, the PR startup that is revolutionizing the way that startups and small businesses approach their relationship with the media, has introduced a new platform that will further its goal.

The company’s head of product, Xander Kahle, explained, “Publicize OS is the technological backbone for Publicize operations. We intend to develop this into the world’s most advanced PR Client Management platform, and the release of Version 1.0 is a big step in that direction.

“Publicize OS will allow us to make more-informed, better decisions via our new data-driven infrastructure,” he continued.

“The platform will automate repetitive processes that team members have performed manually until now, thereby saving time and energy that can be channeled into more creative, higher-impact activities. This will make it possible to manage more clients and deliver a higher quality service.”

The new platform will include a metrics center for monitoring key areas of performance, a campaign management tool to keep track of client campaigns and manage workflow, and will remove Publicize’s use of platform Kanban Flow.

Other features include a “robust” OS Helper to provide the Publicize team with timely alerts and reminders, as well as a new ‘Special Pitches’ campaign that will help clients get the most out of the media.

Kahle said, “Ultimately we aim to develop Publicize OS into the world’s most advanced PR Client Management platform. We plan on evolving this product into a proprietary PR SaaS platform that can be licensed or sold to other businesses.”

Publicize CEO and founder, Conrad Egusa — a former VentureBeat writer — added, “We look at Publicize OS as the technological backbone for Publicize’s operations, and potentially other businesses in the future.

“It will open a lot of doors for our team to integrate Machine Learning, AI and more. This is something our team is going to be investing a lot of resources into.”


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