Resolve launches automated customer service app

By Editor August 28, 2015


For almost a year and a half, Resolve has developed to provide our users with the fastest, direct-to-executive messaging to resolve customer service problems. We have grown to over 2,500 users and some 10,000 businesses, allowing our platform to be used to get your problems solved. In that time, we have also noticed how so many of our users were having issues with cable and telephone companies, including long wait times and spotty service.

Many users were having problems, however, that could have been solved without ever getting on the phone to the cable company (think: slow internet speed caused by a computer that hadn’t been updated, not your cable company). So we got to thinking: what if we could save you the trouble and scan your connected devices, automatically finding and resolving problems? This way, we can send a problem directly to your service provider or device manufacturer without you ever (hopefully!) even realizing there is an issue.

We have been toiling away at this for about a year now, and we are extremely excited to announce that today we are launching our new site where you can sign up for our automated issue reporting app! Resolve says exactly what it is we want to do: fix your device and software issues.


Over the coming weeks, we will be accepting beta signups for this new service. It is completely free for our users, and we invite everyone to sign up and get their family and friends to do the same. As this evolution from the original messaging service was the result of great customer feedback over the past year or so, we invite all of the users of Resolve to tell us what they think, how it has helped, and how it can be more helpful. The entire Resolve team knows that we will be a great partner for resolving tech issues that otherwise would mean long wait times and unsatisfactory results for our users. Here’s to the new way of finding and fixing connected device problems!