RPO company Cielo to make significant investment in Talentify

By Kwinten Wouters January 17, 2018

As smartphone-use is rising, more people are applying for jobs with their mobile devices. The investment of RPO-firm Cielo in Talentify shows that mobile-first and user-friendly platforms will become indispensable in the current online recruitment scene.

Wisconsin-based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company Cielo has made a ‘significant’ investment in Talentify, a talent-acquisition technology firm. Though the exact amount of the investment is not disclosed, Cielo has taken a minority ownership stake.

 “Cielo invested in Talentify because our vision of ‘boldly changing the way the world views talent’ is perfectly aligned with their brilliant approach to revolutionizing talent acquisition processes for distributed, repetitive hiring,” said Sue Marks, Cielo’s Founder and CEO.

In 2015, Talentify sprouted out of three Brazil-based companies and in early 2017, the startup moved its headquarters to Orlando, Florida.

Talentify is convinced there is a simpler way to leverage technology in recruiting. As the first Results-As-A-Service company in the recruitment and talent industry, it created FLUX.

FLUX combines the best of all career and recruitment sites in a mobile-first platform. It aims to automatically attract and screen candidates to schedule interviews with hiring companies.

Othamar Gama Filho

To do so, it combines AI with recruitment marketing, behavioral psychology, and an experience focused design.

“Our consumer-grade, mobile-first experience and programmatic sourcing capability drive down costs by improving conversion-to-hire rates,” says Talentify founder Othamar Gama Filho.

Believing that technology is only as valuable as the human experience it improves, Cielo is a global strategic RPO firm for more than 143 clients in over 91 countries. It has been using Talentify’s platform for some time.

Adam Godson, vice president of global technology solutions at Cielo, says: “The bigger vision here is continuing to change and innovate the way companies hire. We plan to continue to invest in software development, marketing, events and continue to grow through the use of the software at Cielo, as well as helping Talentify grow.”

Adam Godson

Talentify will partner with Cielo’s leadership team and strategic board of advisors to drive new value into the recruiting market.

However, it will remain independent and founder Othamar Gama Filho will continue to lead the business.

Gama Filho says: “If we’re doing this right, and our investors like Cielo believe we are, our products will free up the people who work in talent acquisition to actually work with talent. We will nudge them to take the next necessary action when it is most appropriate.”