Three startups that bring people together and get them in a sharing mood

By Oliver Griffin September 28, 2016

In a society that’s centered around the individual, it’s easy to forget the perks of having a support network around you. Not only do we need people to lean on when we’re down, but it’s also good to have people to share everyday aspects of our lives with.

After all, if two heads are better than one, imagine the things we could do if we put all our heads together. These startups aim to create online communities where people can benefit from and trust in each other.

Snupps: Sharing interests

Social networking platform Snupps, lets users track and share the things they own and love with like-minded individuals. Available on iOS, Android and desktop, Snupps helps to connect people who have the same passions and interests. The platform lets users explore each other’s collections and make new and exciting discoveries.

You can store your personal collections, keepsakes, gadgets, accessories, heirlooms on virtual shelves, kept private or shared with the Snupps community. The shelves store items along with a title, description, rating, and other classification fields.

Snupps was cofounded by Mac Anabtawi, who was originally a fan of collecting Lego and Pokemon cards. Anabtawi is now a sneaker enthusiast.

“I designed Snupps to solve a problem for me, I wanted to connect with other people who collect things like I do.”

By creating collections, you can organize your own possessions and connect with others to see their collections, giving you the opportunity to buy, sell or share the things you love.

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Lendogram: Sharing objects

Lendogram provides a network in which users are encouraged to share their possessions with people they trust, bringing parents an alternative to our throwaway culture.

From juice makers to party tents, Lendogram users can get quick access to hundreds of items within a trusted community of friends and neighbors.

So many of our belongings spend most of their lives stored away on shelves. I mean, how often do you really use that ladder that’s sitting in the shed? Some things are used so rarely they could go around the whole neighborhood before the owner feels their absence.

Not only does Lendogram make it easier for people to get their hands on obscure items and tools but it also provides them with a sharing community in which asking a friend to borrow something isn’t such an embarrassing endeavor.


Shelf: Sharing knowledge

Shelf is the cloud-based knowledge sharing platform which allows users to learn from one another in a way that wasn’t possible before. It offers a digital space where people can easily curate, find and share knowledge.

Based in New York City, founded in 2015, Shelf is an online curated library for group learners. With Shelf, users can put all of their group’s content in one place, which allows members to find, discover and share the information they need.

Shelf integrates existing software such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive so your resources can easily be incorporated.

Shelf’s mission is to inspire learning, encourage innovation and strengthen communities by creating a space that values and empowers the pursuit of knowledge.