‘SOUNDFLOOR’ calls for beta testers on its open market for music content license

By Editor March 1, 2016

Both the name of the South Korea based start-up and its service, ‘SOUNDFLOOR’ opened up its doors for beta tester recruits in its open market for music content license on the 29th.

SOUNDFLOOR is an open market service that provides an online platform where music content rights and licenses are transacted between producers and purchasers. Producers as rights-owners, are able to sell their music at any price they wish and the buyers are able to purchase either the copyright license or specific rights according to their specified usages. A partial segment of the music content uploaded by the seller can be previewed through high resolution streaming with charge.

SOUNDFLOOR provides buyers with not only the audio file but also the project file from a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on which the audio was produced so that the buyers will be able to edit or rearrange the song.

A legal protection from plagiarism or piracy is also placed upon any content uploaded on SOUNDFLOOR which is a service that comes without cost and with the sellers consent, a legal action service is also provided. The copyrights and licenses of all music content up for sale will be insured directly by SOUNDFLOOR.

Advantages provided for the beta testers include discounts on purchasing full version listens, discounts on buying/selling commission fees, and also a chance to participate in all special events and giveaways created only for beta testers.

Beta testers can register and sign up on their website (www.soundfloor.net) with their email address. Registrations will be closed and the beta testing will begin on the 21st of March.