Lightning Pitch Submission

Any early-stage startup in the world (or their authorized representative) can submit a Lightning Pitch on StartUp Beat. If interested, below are the general guidelines and instructions on how to submit. Note that you must submit all of the information requested below and upload at least one image for your Pitch to run. Also note that StartUp Beat can only post one Pitch per startup.

First, StartUp Beat has some qualifications for determining whether or not a startup is still ‘early-stage,’ and therefore qualified for a Lightning Pitch on StartUp Beat. Please ensure that your company meets these requirements before submitting, as your Pitch will not be considered if it doesn’t meet all three criteria:

-Must be less than 5 years old.

-No more than two institutional funding rounds completed.

-Founder(s) must consider the company to still be early-stage according to the overall business plan/vision.

Please see requirements below. If you’d like to submit a Pitch, please check out the guidelines below and submit the requested information through the form at bottom. Please be careful to note all of the required information. Any major omissions will mean that your submission cannot be published. Once your submission is posted, you will receive an email with the link. We will let you know if there are any issues with your submission. Thank you!

While I do give submitting companies tremendous leverage in terms of content, there are some specific items that must be included in the Pitch.

General Requirements:


-HEADQUARTERS: City, State (if applicable), and Country, please.


-A one paragraph quick pitch. No more than six sentences, please. Make it concise!

-You can upload up to two images to run with your pitch.



**StartUp Beat lightly edits submissions for spelling and major grammatical errors only. Please make sure your pitch is well-vetted and proofread before submitting.

Please submit via the form below (be sure to include all of the requested information). If your Pitch meets the qualifications, it will be published, and you will receive an email with a link to the published piece.

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