StartupBeat owner Espacio Media Incubator launches ActitudFem, a site for women by women in Spanish

By Alejandra Marin May 31, 2018


Espacio Media Incubator announces the launch of ActitudFem, a new web publication dedicated to the female community online that is proposing to give them better content pertaining to all female interests.

With daily advice and tips, the Spanish-language site will seek to build up a consistent readership of interested users.

ActitudFem will offer women the best possible advice over healthy eating, beauty products, places to go out or travel to, and home lifestyle tips. In addition, there will be an entertainment section with updates on novelties in music, art, and lifestyle, available all in one place.

One of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals focuses on women as the main driver behind social transformation. Multiple organizations have set out on the important use of information technology and communications to strengthen the empowerment of women and generating a bigger social impact.

Some 42 percent of women globally say that they use the Internet only for things they consider really useful, like listening to interesting podcast or radio stations or watching the latest videos. Meanwhile, some 26 percent say they use the web to share ideas and generate an impact on others, while 17 percent of those surveyed said they consider the Internet as their main source of information.

That’s where ActitudFem comes in – to satisfy the diverse spectrum of everything the female demographic wants to find online. By offering one place for entertainment content, as well as the best advice and tips on how to take care of your hair and skin, for example, the site is looking to provide unique information every day to a readership that it is looking to help and inform.

“ActitudFem is a space for women, by women,” said the site’s editor Alejandra Marín. “This is the place where different interests are combined and dispersed through a variety of themes: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, music, food, home, the experiences, and all other categories that have to do with women.”

This new launch is part of a series of projects that the Espacio Incubator is working on, with the aim of promoting communication and content generation, entrepreneurship, acceleration, and the growth of new companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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